The 10 dresses every woman want to have in her wardrobe


There is nothing more feminine than a dress. So we have lots of them in our wardrobe, but there are some dresses that are essential, we cannot live without them, and that are part of all good wardrobe background so that when we want to get a hand on one or another occasion, that dress is there waiting for us. As fashion is a cycle, sooner or later they will become fashionable again, and also their triumph as great classics guarantees that we will use them again and again. These are the ten dresses every woman want to have in her closet.

The Shirt Dress

dresses every woman want to have

With a preppy air, the shirt dress is ideal for the office, although the truth is that it is worth for any occasion thanks to its versatility. One Sunday we can use it with sports shoes to go for a walk, but soon wins in elegance with heels and a necklace.

  • Massimo Dutti white dress, with belt, for 79.95 dollars.
  • Satin dress in beige H & M, for 29.99 dollars.

Hippie Style Maxi Dress

dresses every woman want to have

The maxi dresses are perfect for beach days that stretch until you see the sunset. The hippie style makes it ideal both for music festivals and to enjoy a holiday by the sea.

  • Dress with shoulders to the air and floral print of Topshop, for 60 dollars.
  • Black floral dress by Bershka, for 35.99 dollars.

A Spectacular Black Dress

dresses every woman want to have

Because at any time you can be invited to a party, you have to keep a black dress in good shape with which you look fantastic (black monkeys also fulfill this function).

  • Semitransparent dress with shoulders to the air of H & M, for 24.99 dollars.
  • Massimo Dutti limited edition black long dress, for 199 dollars.

Dress From The Office To The Party

dresses every woman want to have

Because you never know when you are going to have an after party, it is convenient to have in the closet a dress that is demure enough to look at work (i.e. with a long knee and sleeves), but that has a touch that make special for the night. The best thing is that it is quite neutral in the colors, so that the complements help to transform it by day and by night.

  • Velvet pink dress by H & M, for 39.99 dollars.
  • Green dress with flounces of Zara, for 22.95 dollars.

A Spring Dress

dresses every woman want to have

Floral prints and lace cannot be missed when you want to achieve that feminine and sweet style at the beginning of spring. Opt for pastel shades and many flowers.

  • Lace dress in mint green, by H & M, for 99 dollars.
  • Topshop red dress, for 44 dollars.

A Tight Dress

dresses every woman want to have

Ideal for a girls night where you want to get your sexiest side shine.

  • Blue dress with suspenders, by Mango, for 15.99 dollars.
  • Asymmetrical pink dress, by Bershka, for 12.99 dollars.

A Dress For Work

dresses every woman want to have

Choose a formal and sober dress, long by the knee, in colors such as navy blue or black, which looks professional. Ideal for when you have an important meeting or customers come to visit.

  • Blue dress, Mango, for 29.99 dollars.
  • Black dress, by Pedro del Hierro, for 109.50 dollars.

A Cocktail Dress

dresses every woman want to have

Although Little Black Dress is the most adept account, we are worth any short dress a little cute with which we have an elegant and formal appearance with which to attend any day event.

  • Black tulle and lace dress from Zara, for 29.95 dollars.
  • Pink dress with ruffles on the sleeves, Pedro del Hierro, for 239 dollars.

A Midi Dress

dresses every woman want to have

For when you are invited to an event in which a cocktail dress is too casual but it is not about an occasion to dress up, it is best to go out the middle way and opt for a very ladylike midi dress.

  • Asos polka dot dress, for 52.99 dollars.
  • Topshop mauve dancer dress for 72 dollars.

A Casual Dress

dresses every woman want to have

A casual dress, ribbed or knitted cotton, can be the most comfortable if you also sport lights. The best option for when you go on a trip or to dance in all kinds of concerts and festivals.

  • Black dress with choker, Bershka, for 19.99 dollars.
  • Dress with gray ruffle, from Zara, for 22.95 dollars.
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