10 Spa Trends For 2016

2016 brings with it a number of innovative and delicious spa trends for those who want, in the New Year continue to surrender or to make his debut in the wonderful world of wellness that these spaces are designed to offer. Discover and choose which or which spa trends that definitely wants to experience in 2016! We suggest visiting Brazilian wax deals in Manhattan.
10 Spa Trends For 2016

  1. Personal trainer spa: Attend the spa has become, for many people, a way of life and that is where, in 2016, the concept of spa personal trainer arises. A single person you can trust their wellness goals, relying on its experience and support to achieve them. The personal trainer spa goes along with it, prepare an “action plan”, choosing the best treatments for your case, and still the person who will administer each treatment, so you can evaluate the choices and results. There may still be a follow outside the spa between client and personal trainer via email or phone. Visit waxing center in Manhattan to get the best care of waxing.
  2. Cool spa: Spa treatments hot there for many years and its wonderful results are more than proven. In 2016, the temperature goes down in spas around the world, in that the cold and ice-based treatments will be a major highlight. Starting with cryotherapy and going through “snow showers”, be aware that cold treatments / ice not only activate the circulation, such as reduce inflammation.
  3. Spa family: These days, the spas are for everyone, regardless of gender and age and with male spas and treatments for two in an upward trend, 2016 will be the year that confirms that spas can and should be a space to enjoy for the whole family, including children. Do not be surprised if you see packages designed for mother and child, for sisters and even parents and newborns!
  4. Light, music and color: In 2016, the spas will want to stimulate all the senses, using for this purpose treatment that combine light, color, music and vibration. A futuristic trend that promises innovative experiences and fabulous results!
  5. Gourmet spa: Especially in destination spas in 2016 will be able to find a number of gourmet packages that combine the best spa treatments with the most delicious menus, taking into account a range of specific wellness orientation. For example, a “package Nectar of the Gods” may include treatments within the wine therapy, followed by a dinner with a wine tasting.
  6. Glamour girl: The image has never been so important and if someone knows it, are the spas. So in 2016, the spas aim to enhance the glamour factor of your customers … women and men! Whether a manicure session or quick makeup at lunchtime or a total transformation performed on a Saturday, the most important thing is to leave the spa with its glamour in high!
  7. Spa with health: To increase in 2016 will be also – and quite prominently – the health benefits that hundreds of spas offer treatments and are never more recall. The truth is that attending a spa gives health, inside and out…
  8. Luxury feet: Another spa trends for 2016 passes to give greater attention and pampering redoubled to toe … after all, it is they who are with us and allow our daily rush. Therefore, this year reward them with a treatment or massage specifically designed for those feet.
  9. Spa online: In 2016 the spas come directly to the twenty-first century with websites, online tools and applications that let you share everything from workouts and recipes, without forgetting the possibility of following their wellness progress and still have the support of the spa community where you can create new friendships with other spa lovers or receive tips from spa experts.
  10. Wow, factor: The number of existing spas to grow at a breakneck pace, competition becomes fierce and, in 2016, the success will be in the spas that if they can stand out from all others, whether in setting and decor, whether in service and menu of services. Anything goes, from original treatments and themed rooms, luxurious furnishings and a range of complementary activities. Finally, we recommended spa gift certificates in NYC and Best cheap electrolysis in manhattan to know more details.

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