10 Winter Trends From The Hand Of Mango

Returns The Selection by Mango. The interpretation of winter trends, based on 10 pieces of the latest collection of the fashion firm. Each season this brand bets to teach us 10 garments with which our wardrobe could survive throughout the campaign. On this occasion, the proposals are ideal.

Winter trends in the selection by mango

1) Plaid Jacket

Winter Trends

Mango goes a step further and bets on a wonderful plaid coat. It’s a fabulous reinvention of the classic lumberjack shirt. We love this little coat in earth tones.

2) Combined Leather

Winter Trends

Among the winter trends cannot miss the leather garments, the purest 70s style. For Mango the perfect combination is this. A very cool brown leather skirt that completes the total look with a shirt in the same material. How about?

3) Modern Monkey

Winter Trends

A good jumpsuit is still fashionable. The idea is to reinvent it completely, to adapt it to the new winter trends. In Mango we found this monkey of paintings so striking. Perfectly buttoned in the central part, it can become a must have of the season.

4) Marine Cap

Winter Trends

Last season the sailor cap has already become the fashion accessory. But, now he reinvents himself by modifying his materials. The corduroy XL is ideal for covering the head in style and avoiding the cold of winter. Inspired by the Parisian style, it is a great compliment.

5) Oversize Dot

Winter Trends

An XXL knit sweater cannot be missing in your wardrobe this season. Mango’s proposal to support this trend has amazed us. The maxi jersey in green and braided is great to combine with all kinds of garments.

6) Corduroy Suit

Winter Trends

Yes! The corduroy comes back and does it to stay. Last winter we started to see some corduroy items with beads. But this season, the corduroy suit already becomes the star of the moment.

7) Maxi Winter Dress

Winter Trends

In the winter trends we also find fabulous oversize dresses. If you bet on the fluid touch better than better. You can combine it with ideal high boots and add touches of style with the accessories.

8) Shocking ColorWinter Trends


The electric and vibrant tones are back in fashion. Incl├║yelos in your looks through outerwear, which will allow you to optimize any style.

9) Cowboy Boots

Winter Trends

The cowboy boots this fall and winter reinvent themselves. In Mango we have super nice options. You cannot miss our cabinets!

10) Sheep Coat

Winter Trends

The hangover of winter trends last year leaves us these proposals. To combat the cold there is nothing better than a sheep coat as beautiful as this one.

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