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There are several effective herbal antidepressants, as well as depression and depression. It is usually necessary to take the antidepressant herbs daily for several weeks. Here we introduce you 5 more natural antidepressants.

The herbs improve when they work, the general mood and mood. Many plants give you additional energy and alertness, which can be used for the successful mastering of your everyday life.

It is, however, always advisable to consult a doctor or psychologist if you have persistent depression or a suspicion of it!

1) Rosary

The rosebush is a popular medicinal plant, which can develop a stimulating, mood-enhancing an anti-depressive effect.

In addition to the above-mentioned effects, the rosebush also has an effect on the anxiety, strengthening the immune and nervous system and protects against free radicals.

Rhodiola rosea could also be anticarcinogen and protect against cancer and fight cancer cells. On daily morning (and as needed one more time) 1-1.5g rosebush in a capsule or 2-2.5g cooked as a tea.

2) Kratom

Kratom is a plant originating from South East Asia, which has been used for centuries by people of Thailand and Malaysia. Indeed, some studies confirm the strengthening, protective effect of Kratom.

Mainly, various alkaloids are responsible for these effects. There are white and red veins of Kratom, the white contains twice as many alkaloids as the red one.

Kratom strengthens the immune system and increases the mental performance; it also reduces pain and well known for its anti-depressant effects. Kratom improves the mood and makes you clear and awake, which can be very valuable in depression!

Kratom must be taken daily for an extended period in order to develop an optimal effect. It also has a slightly stimulating, stimulating effect and can easily be powerful. One takes about 3-5g per cup of tea or smokes/vaporizes 0.5-1.5g of the dried plant material. Find out more about kratom variants here

3) Kava Kava

Kava Kava, also called Rauschpfeffer, is a very cultivated psychoactive plant. Drinks made from Kava Kava are still drunk in the USA in special kava bars.

Many naturally occurring strains know the effect of Piper methysticum and value it as a social cause. The effect of Kava is quite big. It is generally exhilarating and narcotic, soothing, sedative and anxious.

The mood is improved, worries are no longer a burden, you are de-inhibited and even a strong euphoria can occur. Often the effect of this plant is compared with that of alcohol.

Kava has an addictive potential. Although this is not as high as that of, for example, cannabis or kratom, kava may only be taken at intervals of at least one week in higher doses!

4) Small hawkweed

The Small Hawkweed is a euphoric and slightly psychedelic plant that can be smoked or drunk as a tea. The habit enhancing effect makes the Small Habichtskraut a herbal antidepressant, which has an acute effect.

It also has a slightly stimulating, stimulating effect and can easily be powerful. One takes about 3-6g per cup of tea, or smokes / vaporises 0.5-1.5g of the dried plant material.  The effect of the Habichtskraut is subtle but noticeable, it is also praised as a mild cannabis substitute.

5) Marijuana

Marijuana also is known as the Siberian Heart Squirrel is a psychoactive plant. It is often advertised as a cannabis substitute and is completely legal worldwide.

The effect of marijuana is slightly euphoric, relaxing (but not sedative) and high in doses slightly psychedelic.

The feeling of the body is changed and the mind is clarified, so you can consume marijuana well before meditating. The intake is either tea, smoked or vaporized. 5-10g of dried marijuana per cup of tea or 1-2g smoked should be sufficient for a pleasant effect.


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