A good idea: Separate rooms in the kitchen with hydraulic tile

Now that more and more we value the concept of open kitchen, sharing space with other environments as the dining room or living room, it is more important than ever to find ways to refine these areas, without separating them, but marking differences between them through colors, styles, furniture or even pavement.

Kitchen with hydraulic tile
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This draft Heather Santos is an excellent demonstration of how, through proper planning of space and a good choice of furniture, it is possible to achieve an open, multi-functional, organized and fully equipped kitchen, perfect for both works comfortably and to enjoy in company. The hydraulic tile becomes one of the best features when the difference between areas.

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In this project, as you can see in the pictures of this article, defining the areas of the kitchen to other floor coverings, a solution that allows delimit by function without using visual obstacles was used. Therefore, while the work area is covered with hydraulic tiles in the rest of the natural oak floor, a material that gives consistency and continuity to other integrated environments in the room is applied.

Kitchen with hydraulic tile
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Meanwhile, wood finishes present in table, chairs, bar, shelves and floor work as a counterpoint to white kitchen furniture, providing a note of balance to the set. This fusion of classics with more contemporary is one of the factors that can generate a sober, open space at the same time, it is warm and cozy.

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The design has paid special attention to the distribution of the different areas of the kitchen, seeking a balance between areas equipped and frees to thus achieve a more open and light space, where users can move freely. The work area is concentrated in a corner of the room, made ​​up of distribution L low furniture and columns complete with a central island. With this arrangement, preparation areas, mopping, cooking, ovens and storage are very close to each other, so that the routes between them when preparing a dish are minimized.

Kitchen with hydraulic tile
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On the opposite wall, over more than four meters, a linear furnishing available column, high and shelves, as well as incorporating the cold area, offers multiple storage solutions and organizing closets, while respecting a broad corridor through the room to connect its two entrances. Finally, the office area is at the same distance from the island in the area of the additional area column, in order to facilitate the task of setting the table and serving or removing plates.

I really love the contrasts and balance has been achieved through the mixture of styles and materials. It is not always easy to merge such different things and all resulting harmonic and inviting, but in this case, the result is ten. Would not you think?

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