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I must admit, I am a lover of bikes design, and now that companies are starting to appear engaged to put an electric motor, the thing is taking a fairly good level. I will not go to debate whether they are bicycles or motorcycles, for me if you have pedals and I can move my legs, almost I prefer to put them in the sack.

Not long ago I taught bikes Bunditz precious, elegant and power, with too high a price for the general public, but they are there creating a market that is becoming more interesting. Another good example is found in the Slovenes Noordung, which bring us a very similar proposal, based on quality, design, and some ideas about the very technology that we replicate sure soon by others.

Batteries or loudspeakers
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Regardless of their ability, appearance, or price, I want to start by explaining what makes it different, and is nothing more than your particular battery, positioned above the top tube. It has a special design, as if it were a fuel tank, and can be removed without problems from the rest of the set. In fact the idea is that we take it on – called Boombox – to load it, or to prevent theft.

The next interesting thing is that the battery is also a charging system for other gadgets, and to make matters worse, they have decided to put a speaker so that we can listen to music through them. As you can guess, with a full load have for more than 100 hours of music, controlled from a mobile device.

Angel Edition is the name of the model, and it is a completely handmade product, and that is something that is going to be noticed in the price about 10,000 dollars, more similar to that of a big engine. But here the motor is 200W and only lets us do 30 kilometers with it and batteries.

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It is light and looks for the environment

Entering more specific details must say that Angel Edition has a picture of carbon fiber. They have made the bike even though only 15.6 kilos, which is very little in an electric model weighs 2.7 kilos battery, if we remove it, it’s a pretty decent bike weight.

Regarding the Boombox must comment that two speakers are designed to release the sound into the cyclist, to try to disturb as little as possible to the environment. We must also comment that carries a sensor system for measuring air quality, besides the cleanest routes tell us our way.

Now there are 15 units manufactured in prototype stage with which to get feedback and improvements, but a step of seeking investors and start selling the first units to 9,670 dollars.

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