The Benefits of a Self-Propelled Shallow Water Dredger


Dredging waterways and drainage culverts are a necessary evil when unexpected flooding occurs. The debris or soil that is causing water to dam up and pool must be removed. Dredging is the best solution, but the equipment can be expensive. You can purchase an Watermaster dredger for sale that is the perfect size and price to handle most shallow water jobs.

Convenience of Having Your Own Equipment

You can expand the services you offer for property maintenance and more by purchasing an Watermaster dredger for sale that’s made for easy and quick use. You can increase your income by providing this vital service to anyone that lives on or near culverts, drainage ditches, or shallow water. Clearing out problems for customers has never been easier.

One-Person Safe Operation

The Watermaster dredger is made for single-person loading, unloading, and operation. You can load the dredger on a small trailer and back it off into the water or use it on the bank of a waterway. It’s designed to be safely moved and operated with one person. Nearly anyone can learn how to use the equipment effectively.

Ultimate Mobility of the Dredger

You can use the dredger to pull soil and debris from depths as great as 19-feet. It provides a safe floating platform for use on the water and has a crawl feature for use on land. It provides maximum flexibility that larger dredging systems cannot. The variety of areas it can access makes it an attractive, mobile piece of equipment.

Solve Flooding and Dam Issues Quickly

Building amounts of debris and soil can clog up the drainage and flow of water, causing tremendous amounts of flooding onto properties. The dredger will allow you access to these areas quickly to eliminate the problems causing a dam of water.

One of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can own is a Watermaster dredger for shallow water dredging. You will feel great being able to offer customers a valuable service at an affordable price.

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