Best Christmas Gifts Ideas 2017 For Friends

You have no idea what a present for your friends to do for Christmas? And for your best friend? Without making you panic, here are a series of extraordinary tips!

Christmas Gifts 2017: The best ideas if you do not know what to give to your friend

Christmas 2017 is approaching and, together with the joy for this holiday full of love, light and family warmth comes a bit of excitement for Christmas Gifts. Especially if it is to find the right gift idea for your best friend or for all your friends on the occasion of Christmas 2017. You know each other for a long time, you know every little thing about each other, yet make a Christmas present at friends is always a bit complicated, perhaps because of too much confidence. You are afraid of making a bad impression, of not finding the right gift or giving it something, you do not like. Before going to panic, read this article to found a series of Christmas 2017 gift ideas for very special friends!

Christmas Gifts 2017: Ideas for your best friend

Christmas Gifts Ideas 2017
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If you have to make a Christmas gift 2017 to your best friend, the first thing to do is to rummage and try to remember what you said while you were shopping together or while you were leafing through Cosmopolitan together. If you do not remember anything, here are some ideas for you.

  • Christmas 2017, Gift ideas for the best friend: A weekend together – This idea is perfect as a Christmas gift for your best friend. Being two does not even become too expensive and it is nice to be together in a European capital or backpack in the back for a mountain adventure of a couple of days. It will strengthen your friendship even more.
  • Christmas 2017, Gift ideas for the best friend: A beauty treatment – Only you, as a best friend, can afford to give Christmas 2017 a beauty treatment that is an anti-cellulite massage, draining or facial cleansing. You will understand that you do not consider it neither fat nor ugly, but you do it for her that always complains looking in the mirror even if it is beautiful.
  • Christmas 2017, Gift ideas for the best friend: Tickets for a concert – With your best friend you have shared everything to date and there are many extraordinary moments that you will spend together. That’s why the perfect Christmas gift idea for her is a ticket to a concert. We will go there together and you will unleash and sing the songs of your beloved singer!

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Christmas Gifts 2017: Ideas for a friend of 14, 15, 16 or 30 years

Christmas Gifts Ideas 2017
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Christmas gifts are ageless, but it is clear that depending on the years you have there are some gifts that may be more pleasing than others. Here we will give you an example of Christmas gifts particularly suitable for a friend of 14,15,16, or 30 years!

  • Christmas 2017, Gift Ideas for a 14-year-old friend: Tricks – We’re not talking about the classic Pupa make-up or other brands that remind a little girls make-up, we’re talking about a trick, even one element is fine, of a prestigious brand. It is a perfect gift, which lasts over time and which above all will make the friend who receives it feel really fashionable.
  • Christmas 2017, Gift Ideas for a friend of 15 years: Clothing – Surely you know well your friend’s tastes and therefore for Christmas 2017 a perfect gift for the friend of 15 years is that particular item of clothing, scarf or hat, maybe of a particular brand that has always wanted. You will surprise and remember this Christmas forever.
  • Christmas 2017, Gift Ideas for a 16-year-old friend: Jewel – A beautiful pendant is perfect as a Christmas present for your 16-year-old friend. You can use it at parties, on important days or for a special occasion like the New Year 2018 that will, of course, be with you!
  • Christmas 2017, Gift Ideas for a 30-year-old friend: Massage – If you have a friend who is older than you, maybe 30 years old, getting her a good Christmas present could be difficult. With a relaxing massage you will be practically on the safe side.

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Christmas Gifts 2017: DIY ideas for friends

Christmas Gifts Ideas 2017
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Making a Christmas gift 2017 to friends is not easy: there is fear of confrontation and that maybe one of your BFF consider his gift less beautiful than another. To “cut the head to the bull” as they say, it is better to think of some DIY gifts for the friends for this Christmas 2017 all the same! Here are some ideas.

  • Christmas 2017, DIY Gift Ideas for Friends: Collage of photos – It is a very interesting gift that puts all the friends in agreement. Take the best photos and with the help of your trusted photographer, or using various online programs, create a collage. Then print the collage in large format, as if it were a painting! Your friends will be enthusiastic about this DIY gift for Christmas 2017.
  • Christmas 2017, DIY Gift Ideas for Friends: Bracelets – A simple bracelets, even a simple silver thread to hang a personalized pendant for each friend. This DIY Christmas present for friends is beautiful, original and above all will remain a symbol of your friendship forever.
  • Christmas 2017, simple handmade gifts for a friend: Sweets – Banal? No! It is a gift made with the heart in which you have spent time and dedication. If you know that your friend likes a particular dessert that maybe never eats, put yourself in charge, place yourself in front of the stove and start kneading. It will be very happy.
  • Christmas 2017, simple handmade gifts for a friend: Candle holder – Just take a jar, or a jar for jam and give vent to the imagination. With a little glue, newspaper clippings or acrylic colors you can create a special candle holder as a Christmas gift for your friend!

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