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Buying a carpet is one of the big purchases that you will make as well as buying white goods for your property, so it is important that you really do get the most out of your carpet. This means looking after it and making sure that you take steps to help minimise any damage and deal with any spillages effectively.

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One of the best ways to get your carpet looking like brand new is to regularly have it cleaned by a professional Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company like This way you can ensure that your carpet has been thoroughly cleaned and deodorised and is as hygienic as it can possibly be. Cleaning the carpet, yourself won’t achieve the same results as having a professional company complete the works for you. I like to have my carpet cleaned professionally at least once a year and then for the rest of the year I make sure I that keep up with some basic at home maintenance.

These are a couple of the tips you may wish to follow to get the most life out of your carpet:

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  • Add welcome mats to the entrances to your house and encourage people to use them to wipe their feet before coming in, especially on wet days and during the winter when mud and snow are often tracked into the house. Also, for this reason ask people to take their shoes off and leave them in your hallway, or other suitable area. By doing this you can reduce the chances of people traipsing mud into your living room and it will also help to keep the germs that can be picked up on the soles of your shoes in one location that you can then easily and regularly clean. Don’t be tempted when you take your shoes off to walk around in bare feet as the natural oils that are present in your skin can be equally as damaging and you can also find that you pick up bits of dirt on your feet and carry them around the house. The best thing to do it wear slippers or socks with grips on the bottom whilst you are in the house.
  • Make sure that you vacuum at least once a week and don’t be tempted to always walk in the same direction with your hoover as you will find that you start to flatten the pile in your carpet. Walking in different directions can prevent this from happening. If you find that you hoover is not picking up small bits form your carpet it is probably time to empty it or change the bag, depending on what type you have.

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