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For many of us, our car is an indispensable tool for managing daily life, and it’s a huge inconvenience if it breaks down. Avoid this, and make sure your car is in optimal running condition with some basic preventative maintenance.

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First steps

The manual that came with your car is a vital resource, full of useful information such as tyre pressure, and recommended intervals for servicing, so read it. The manual will tell you what kind of oil to put in your engine, and how often to change it. Consult the manual to ensure you’re giving the car the fuel it was designed to use. The wrong kind of fuel could cause all kinds of damage, and possibly make your car’s warranty worthless.

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It’s free and could stop all kinds of small problems before they become large ones. Inspect your car every now and then to make sure that everything is OK. Buy your own tyre pressure gauge and check the air in your tyres. From reading the manual you will know what pressure they should be, and the optimal pressure can save you money by helping the car to use less fuel. Check the tread on the tyres too, and replace them when it gets below the recommended level.

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Essential fluids

Even if you can’t change these yourself, learn how to monitor the oil, coolant and antifreeze. If anything is leaking, get it fixed right away. Wiper fluid is easy to top up, and you can do this yourself. A good quality wiper fluid will help wipers keep the windscreen clean, and de-ice in winter.

Air filters also need changing. This report from The Telegraph describes how you can do this.

A flat battery will stop you going anywhere, and it is important to know what kind of car battery is best for your vehicle. To find out more, it would be a good idea to consult car battery experts such as who can give you more information and plenty of essential advice.

When you take your vehicle to a mechanic, ask them to check the belts. Changing these when they start to show wear could save you a lot of money as broken belts can cause a great deal of engine damage.

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