Greenleaf Season 4: Explanation of the ending for each character!

Greenleaf Season 4 is accessible on Netflix! On the off chance that you need to have a deep understanding of the clarification of the finish of Season 4 read on! Greenleaf is a famous dramatization arrangement on OWN. The season 4 finished Tuesday, November 5, 2019. On that date, it has been reestablished for season 5, to the enjoyment of watchers. In the event that the arrangement remains consistent with its typical example, it won’t return until August 2020.

It’s normal for the finish of an arrangement to have a cliffhanger to keep fans returning the accompanying season to discover what’s truly going on. Watchers were left holding tight a few focuses toward the finish of Greenleaf Season 4.


Kerissa admitted to her better half that she undermined him and now has chlamydia given to her by Fernando Amable. Jacob requested her to go out, however, Kerissa didn’t move out. Rather, she went to see Fernando, who gave her a record.

This archive demonstrated that Uncle Mac was the agent of Greenleaf’s domain. This data gives Kerissa that Bishop Greenleaf and Lady Mae have obtained the house and land illicitly. What’s more, that they could go to prison as a result of it. Watchers will become familiar with this story in the following season. Keep reading how to tame foxes in minecraft.


Phil Demars visited Lady Mae and mentioned to her to overlook what Bob Whitmore had guaranteed her with respect to the congregation since that will never occur. He advises her to get her things out of the congregation since Calvary will be annihilated in seven days. Woman Mae appears to be too astonished to even consider speaking.


Phil had recently requested that Charity wed him, and she said “Yes!”. The two of them appeared to be glad and eager to get ready for marriage. That is the reason Charity was agreeable enough to offer herself to him that night.

The following day, Phil disclosed to Charity that there would be no marriage since he was wedding Judee Whitmore. Watchers know it, yet Charity don’t, Bob Whitmore powers Phil to wed his girl.


This cliffhanger is the one individuals talk about the most on the grounds that it was the most secretive. It was a genuine cliffhanger since it occurred at the finish of Greenleaf Season 4, just before the credits roll. Numerous watchers probably watched the completion more than once and still scratched their heads.

The baffling man moved toward Grace while she was supplicating at Faith’s grave. He looked like AJ, however, it wasn’t him. He had fears in his hair with a similar skin tone and body type as AJ. The individual was wearing a hoodie that seemed as though the one Sofia talented AJ, yet fans are persuaded it wasn’t AJ.

There is a wide range of hypotheses via web-based media. A few watchers state it was a phantom or a heavenly attendant. This could be genuine in light of the fact that the phantoms don’t contact each other when they show up. Clearly, the man didn’t shake Grace’s hand or kiss her when he left. Some state it was AJ’s cellmate who knew something about the Greenleaf family. Since the man realized it was Grace’s sister’s grave.

The Stranger to the Grave will be clarified when the arrangement returns for Season 5. Meanwhile, watchers can reason that the essayists have accomplished their objectives. They gave fans something to consider and theorize on until the following season.

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