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Although now all major Web browsers have introduced a home page which contains links to the sites you visit most frequently, have preferred to revert to Google your homepage in order to be able to run your searches in a more immediate. However, if you’re here and you’re reading these lines it seems clear to me that now I’d also like to know how to set Google as your home page in a new tab, so you end up with the search engine home page always just a click away when open new tabs.

If that is indeed in this way I cannot do anything but suggest you take a few minutes of free time, to put very comfortable and focus booby reading this tutorial all dedicated to the issue. In the following lines in fact I’m going to point you to chapter and verse, what must be done to be able to set Google as your home page a new tab on all major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge) and all popular operating systems (Windows, MacOS and Linux).

Before you can be alarmed and think about who knows what I want to get this right from the start that it is a simple procedure to be carried out. It takes much longer to explain than to do it, really! Then? What are you still standing there? Run to read the signs that are just below and then tell me if I was right. Good fun!

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Internet Explorer

We begin this guide on how to set Google as your home page a new tab from Internet Explorer, the Web browser as standard Windows operating systems. To succeed in your intention, the first step you need to take is to start the browser, click on the icon in the form of gear placed in the upper right corner and select Internet Options from the menu that appears.

In the window that opens, type the address in the text field Home (if not already there), then click on the button cards and sets the option The first start page in drop-down menu When you open a new tab, open. Finally, click on the button OK to save your changes and you’re done.

Now, if there are no hassles, opening a new tab in Internet Explorer you will automatically display the Google homepage.

In case you change your mind, you can always change this setting back to Internet Options and selecting the new card from the drop down menu when you open a new tab, open. This will restore the default home page tabs in Internet Explorer, namely the one with the thumbnails of your most visited sites.


If you wish to find out how to set Google as your home page in a new tab in Google Chrome … you have to do absolutely nothing! Yes, exactly, he understood very well! By default, when you start Google Chrome and open a new tab is in fact shown you a page containing not only all the most visited Internet sites but also the Google search bar.

Left-clicking on the search bar by typing the keywords in it and then pressing the button Enter on the keyboard, the search will start soon, similar to what you can do by acting from the Google home search. Fantastic, is not it?

If the thing you do not “like it” can instead rely extension New Tab Redirect. I wonder how it works? I’ll explain! To begin connecting to the page of the Chrome Web Store and install on your computer by clicking the extension for two consecutive times on the button Add.

On the page that opens, click on the link Set Options located on the top left, type the address in the text field relative to the address to be displayed in new tabs and save the settings by clicking the button Save. Now open a tab in Chrome, and if everything went the right way, it should be automatically directed to the main Google page.

Then, to change your home page tabs, click on the button with three dots that are placed in the upper right corner of the browser window, select the item other tools from the menu that you are shown and then click on the item Extensions. Then click the link Options located under the extension name New Tab Redirect.

On the tab that opens, type – as seen above – the website address you want to appear when you open a new tab and click Save to save the settings.

If you want to restore the default page of Chrome, however, erases New Tab back in the menu Other tools, by clicking Extensions and clicking on the icon of trash placed next to the extension name and then on the button Remove.

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However, with respect Firefox, you cannot (at least not “officially”) set Google as your home page in a new tab; your browser does not incorporate an option to do so. However, considering that – similarly to Chrome – in every new tab open in Firefox, also a search bar, you can configure it properly and use it just as if I had set the opening of the various tabs.

To do so, start your browser, click the button with the three lines placed at the top right and press the button Options in the menu that you are shown. Then click on the tab Search located on the left and make sure it’s selected Google from the drop down menu located under the heading Default search engine (and if not See to select it). Done!

From now on, every time you open a new tab in the browser will be able to take advantage of the search bar attached to it as well as if you were using the home of Google. Not bad, right?

If the thing in a particular way does not attract you, you can cope with your needs through the use of the add-on New Tab Override. To use related to this page of the Mozilla add-ons store and click on the button added to Firefox attached to the Web page that is shown to you and then click on Install.

Now click on extension icon that was added in the upper right corner of the Firefox window, the new card that will go to open, make sure the option is selected custom URL in the pull-down menu option (and Otherwise See to select it) and then enter in the field below the item URL. Now, trying to open a new tab in Firefox … you’ll find the home of Google!

In the case of second thoughts, just log back in to the extension settings and set the option about: new tab (default) from the menu located under the heading Option.

Alternatively, you can directly make the removal of the add-on by clicking the button with the three lines that you find in the upper right corner of the browser window, click on Add-ons then the item Extensions on the left and, finally, presses on the button remove, located at the extension name.


Using Windows 10, you’re usually surf the net with Edge and would like to figure out how to set Google as your home page in a new tab? Well, sorry to disappoint me but unfortunately in this case it is not an operation as possible. However, you can cope with it using the specific search bar that shows you automatically every time you open a new tab – a bit like I’ve already indicated to you in the case of Chrome and Firefox – going to set Google as your default search engine. The result will be virtually the same.

To do so, start your browser, click the button with three dots placed at the top right and choose the voice Settings from the menu that you are shown. Then presses the button Show advanced settings, locate the voice search in the address bar with the corresponding button and click Change search engine. Now click Search with Google (of course if you have not already done so), and then press on Set as Default.

Done! From now on, whenever you open a new tab in Edge will be able to search the network via the progress bar that shows you on the screen using Google. Happy?

In case you change your mind, you can always reset Bing (or search engine previously used) as the default of Edge accessing the advanced settings of the browser as seen above, by clicking on the button Change search engine, selecting the option Bing (or other search engine using previously) and clicking Set as default.


Do you have a Mac and use Safari as your default browser? No problem. To set Google as the default page of each new card, start the browser and access to the panel of the same settings by selecting Safari from the top left of the menu bar and clicking on the item Preferences… .

In the window that opens, select the tab General, enter in Home: and set the option Start page in the dropdown menu New tabs with: .

In case you change your mind, you can restore your browser’s default settings back in the Preferences, typing the address in Home: and setting the option Favorites in the drop-down menu new tabs with: .

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