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HP is one of the best-known companies in the computing landscape. One of the traditional partners of Microsoft that we at one time in our life have used some of their well-known computers, whether desktop or laptop. A company that also has a large catalog of monitors although these are not so well known.

And after the presentation a few days ago of his new equipment of desktop it is convenient to have a look at two members who also appeared on the scene but who nevertheless did not arouse so much expectation. These are the HP OMEN 25 and OMEN 27 monitors.

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Two monitors that share specifications but also differences, which start with something that already indicates the name: the diagonal screen. And is that you stay in the 25 inches while the other reaches 27 inches. Here are your specifications:

Display diagonal 25 inches 27 inches
Resolution Full HD QHD
Response time 1 millisecond 1 millisecond
Frequency 144 Hz 165 Hz
Sync technology AMD FreeSync NVIDIA G-Sync
Connectivity 2 USB 3.0 ports, DisplayPort 2 USB 3.0 ports, DisplayPort
Price 300 dollars 900 dollars

Two monitors that in advance and for their daring design already make us intuit that they arrive directed at a market like is the gamer. For this they resort to the mixture of black colors in the body with some details of lighting in red color and in prominent in the back mark OMEN. In addition it offers a stylized design in which the bevels are very thin which favors the multi-monitor configuration. A monitor that is completed with a vertical stand that includes a cable organizer.

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The differences start at resolution, as the 25-inch model is oriented toward the use of 1080p resolutions while the 27-inch resolution offers support for QHD resolution. In addition, in both cases they use different refresh rates that stay at 144 Hz in the 25-inch model and reach 165 Hz in the 27-inch model.

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There is also a difference in the technology used to synchronize graphics and screen that in the case of the most basic monitor is AMD FreeSync while in the model of 27 inches we are with NVIDIA G-Sync. In this way the screen is synchronized with the GPU to avoid the annoying “lag” in the images.

Both models have the same number of connections, which all have to be said are quite scarce, especially in the largest and most expensive model. Thus we find as both monitors include two USB 3.0 ports and a DisplayPort port.

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Price and availability

The monitors HP OMEN 25 and HP OMEN 27 will arrive to the market during the month of July that we are about to release at prices that will be of 300 dollars if we opt for the model of 25 inch and that they ascend to 900 dollars if we want The 27 inch.

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