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Tell me how you live and I will tell you what type of room is most suitable for you. A room connected to the outside? Open to the dining room? A living room with a fireplace? With a reading corner? The possibilities are many and very different. Everything depends on our lifestyle.

Therefore, we want to help you make the most of this space taking into account your personality. The house adapts to you and grows with you. Take note of the keys to achieve the ideal room for each lifestyle.

The ideal room
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Do you usually receive visitors? An open room

If you usually receive visitors and enjoy the company of your friends and family, we recommend a lounge open to the dining room. First of all, you’re going to need a big sofa and enough seats for our visits. Therefore we recommend a chaise longue sofa, accompanied by a chair or armchair.

You can also add versatile pieces, like a puff, in case you run out of seats. And make sure your living room is well dressed and comfortable. That is, do not forget to accompany him with cushions and plaids so that your visitors feel comfortable.

When we receive visitors we usually attend the guests in the lounge enjoying a pleasant chat and also tasting delicious foods around the dining table. For this reason, we recommend an open living room connected to the dining area.

The ideal room
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Are you a quiet and homelike person? A small and cozy room

If on the contrary you are a homebody who prefers to enjoy the privacy of your home and does not usually receive visitors, then we recommend a small, intimate and personalized room according to your tastes and interests.

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Before decorating and equipping this space, think: what are your hobbies? What activities do you usually do in your living room? If you like to read or browse magazines, you can create a small reading corner in your living room. Place a chair or armchair near a window and on the opposite side place a floor lamp or table lamp. Thus you will receive light on both sides. Do not forget to accompany your reading corner with a side table, a pouf or footrest, a cushion, a plaid …

And if you find it possible, try adding a fireplace to your living room. You will preside over this space and you will achieve a deeply welcoming room. But if you can not place a chimney, try placing a mouthpiece that you can accompany with candles or lights to create an atmosphere.

Finally, do not forget to personalize your living room with details that reveal your tastes and hobbies to achieve a really comfortable and cozy room that surrounds you with memories that make you happy. For example, photographs, works of art, paintings, gifts, souvenirs, etc.

The ideal room
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The best colors and materials

As it is about decorating a cozy and appetizing lounge, we suggest you opt for light, relaxing and at the same time cozy colors. The ideal is to opt for earth tones that can accompany the bright white. Do not forget to add some brushstrokes of color, in charge of the green of the plants and the floral arrangements.

As far as materials are concerned, nothing better than natural materials and plant fibers to achieve a truly comfortable living room. Choose furniture in noble wood and natural, without varnishes or treatments of any kind. For textiles, choose natural fibers: cotton, wool, silk, velvet, etc.

In this sense, vegetable fibers have also become very fashionable and we are perfect for dressing the room with warmth. We refer to rattan, wicker, sisal, jute, coconut, etc. Bet on these materials through lamps, storage baskets, carpets, etc.

Speaking of nature, you can also try to connect your living room with the outdoors. For example, open this space to the terrace or balcony. So, in addition to gain light and give life to your living room and enjoy good views.

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