Ideas for decorating with rugs

Carpets are one of those decorative elements that can help you dress very much any stay put where. With different sizes, shapes, textures and styles, they will get to create more welcoming, more relaxing, more elegant, more personality and more comfortable if you use spaces in the play area for the little ones in the house. Many possibilities! So today we’re going to reel off several ideas for decorating with rugs, because depending on where and how will achieve convey different things put in your home. You dare? Do not miss anything of what comes next if you want to print a lot of character to your home.

Decorating with Rugs
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Space dividing

One way is to decorate with rugs use to differentiate areas of the same room. Suffice to put one in the eating, for example, a different one that put on a coffee table in the part of sofa, TV and relaxing color. If you want one of those spaces become more important than the other, you only need to put a bigger place that you want to have the greater role carpet.

Focal point

Another alternative is to have the carpet will become the focal point of the room where the put. You can opt for the idea that I show in the picture just below, in a room where soft colors predominate, white, earth tones … put a striking carpet, contrasting a lot, and look what a nice effect gets create.

Decorating with Rugs
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Combining furniture and carpets

If you want to put a carpet in a large room you can put a large size that will fit on the furniture. Do not put a foot in some corners of furniture or there above her left out. Remember that in the case of chairs and tables, must fit on the surface of the carpet and have space around so that when we sit in the back legs they do not get out. In case you have a large sofa, the carpet must be longer than this.

The carpets in the bedrooms

Another room where there is often lacking in the bedroom carpet. You can put a not very large on each side of the bed or center at the foot of it. The size depends on the dimensions of the room. As for styles, you can opt for simple designs that bring elegance and invite calm and relaxation, very little hair, for example, that are nice in the morning when you put your feet on them to wake up.

In the children’s bedroom

The carpets are ideal for children’s bedrooms, as if they occupy a large area on the ground, besides becoming decorative point of care will assist smaller play on it conveniently and comfortably. You can also put a smaller one for the rise is the first thing you arrive.

Decorating with Rugs
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You are nearly end of this article: Ideas for decorating with rugs, however in anarchismtoday we recommend you to read another article if you are planning to making a scrim wall.

Entrance and hall

At the entrance you can put a not very large rug to give a warm welcome to everyone who comes into your home. The corridor is another area where the carpets are usually placed, always adjusting the size and shape it has. For my taste this place serves perhaps more to stumble than anything else, because being a transit area quite the end I think that it is not overly comfortable…

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