‘Logan’, the movie

The Oscars focus almost all our attention but there are more films besides those that conquer (or try to conquer) to the Academy of Hollywood. The very first release of ‘Logan’ is about, and although it could be said that it is another superhero film, the truth is that it is one of those rare proposals that transcend the limits of the subgenus to offer something special. Proof of this is the applause of the critics at the Berlinale, where the world premiere was held.

‘Logan’ is one of the few comic book adaptations made for viewers over the age of 18 and is the last film where we see Hugh Jackman in the skin of Wolverine, his most popular character. This culminates a 17-year stage and 7 films; 9 if we count his cameos in ‘X-Men: First Generation’ (2011) and ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ (2016).

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The story of ‘Logan’

In the near future, a tired Logan takes care of Professor X in a hiding place located in the border of Mexico. Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and hide his legacy end abruptly with the appearance of a young mutant pursued by dark forces …

Based on Marvel comics, the script for ‘Logan’ has been written by Scott Frank, Michael Green and James Mangold, from a story created by the latter.

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The cast

At this point, Hugh Jackman needs no introduction. His portrayal of Logan in the successful first installment of the ‘X-Men’ saga (2000) catapulted him to fame and then managed to manage his career with roles that consolidated him as the Hollywood star he is today. He is charismatic, a sex symbol and his talent as an actor is beyond doubt.

The 48-year-old Australian was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for ‘The Miserables’ (‘Les Misérables’, 2012). Apart from that title and his work as the mutant adamantium claws, his best performances include “The Final Trick: The Prestige”, 2006, “The Fountain of Life” (‘The Fountain ‘, 2006) and ‘ Prisoners’ (2013).

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Rest of cast is noteworthy names Patrick Stewart -the other star of the X-Men saga which repeats in this installment, we could talk to him during his visit -, Boyd Holbrook , known for the series ‘Narcos’, (“The Predator”) -, Richard E. Grant – currently on screen with a supporting role in ‘Jackie’ – Elizabeth Rodriguez – ‘Miami Vice’, ‘The Deliver’ Drop’, 2014) – and Stephen Merchant – a friend and regular collaborator of Ricky Gervais, participated in series like the original ‘The Office’ or ‘Extras’.

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Born in New York 53 years ago, James Mangold has found inspiration in Logan needed after the failure of ‘Knight and Day’ (2010). He directed ‘The Wolverine’ (2013), and is primarily responsible for making ‘Logan’ such an unusual proposition within superhero movies: an adult western, something that captivated Jackman, who accepted a rebate Of his salary for 20th Century Fox to approve the project.

Mangold began his career with ‘Heavy’ (1995), a romantic drama award-winning at the Sundance and Gijon festivals. He followed with ‘Cop Land’ (1997), giving the opportunity to Sylvester Stallone to prove his acting talent, ‘Girl, Interrupted’ (1999), with which Angelina Jolie won an Oscar discussed, and ‘Kate & Leopold’ (2001), his first collaboration with Jackman in a romantic comedy with fantastic touches.

Before focus their creative efforts on the character of Logan, Mangold he filmed three films that show their interest in a wide range of themes and genres: ‘Identity’ (2003), ‘Tightrope’ (2005) and ‘The Train of 3:10’ (2007).

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