Nikola Tesla One wants to be the truck, batteries and turbines to reach 2000 kilometers

We are accustomed to speak of electric cars, to understand where the advantages and disadvantages are when compared with competitors guzzling fuel, but also are emerging companies eager to bring the latest technology to other vehicles. Nikola Motor Company wants to create the more modern and capable electric truck.

They do not say, but they have a lot of Tesla in the presentation of their product, called Nikola One A monster six – wheeled battery powered, designed to pull loads a number of kilometers we cannot cover with a vehicle of traditional fuel: it approaches 2000 kilometers.

The design goes; we find a very modern aerodynamics and head, with just the back, between the load and the battery cabin. The interesting thing is that the interior of the vehicle wins free volume by 30%, to create a more comfortable setting for the truck driver.

Nikola Tesla One
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A turbine to recharge batteries

The most striking aspect of the system is recharging batteries that can make the vehicle through a natural gas turbine also with brake. The uses to keep charging unit 320 kWh while in motion.

The turbine is capable of generating 400kW of clean energy – not in all cases – which sends to the batteries, keeping them charged. It is a proprietary technology turbine, which can be connected in seconds, and there will be variants that run on different fuels: diesel, gasoline and natural gas.

Its creators tell us that the first beneficiary is not autonomy but consumption itself: cutting spending by half for every mile. We will not delve into whether it is more or less green than a diesel, it is obviously on emissions, and another thing is the process of making your batteries.

Stopping at pure and hard benefits, we see that the 2000 HP electric motor can move to Nikola One at a speed of 105 kilometers per hour climbing a slope of 6%. It gets from 0 to 100 in a time of just over 30 seconds. We remind you that this is a truck weighing 9500 kilos, a point that also trims with respect to a diesel vehicle.

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Okay, it sounds rather like science fiction, and everything we have been taught is very conceptual, so we have to stop and look well what they are trying to sell. We also seem a promising project, with a good chance of reaching fruition.

Nikola Tesla One
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Nikola Zero

The company based in Utah not only will focus on a truck, they have another project the closer to the tastes of many consumers hands: a utility four – wheel called Nikola Zero, looking like buggy over 200km of autonomy in their batteries.

Very nice on paper, but none of the products Nikola exists, although it can be booked: $750 for Zero, $1500 per truck. The final price is not low, as expected, and asking us $42000 per car and $375000 by Nikola One.

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