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I must confess that when some time ago bought the book of French Sylvie Ait-Ali called “sandwich cake”, I did so with little hope of finding many recipes that enthusiasm me. But when I sent him home and browse, I discovered a number of delicious recipes like this delicious sandwich cake I bring you today, and is ideal to serve a summer dinner where we want to impress our guests.

The truth is that it is much easier to prepare than what meets the eye, and yet the result is spectacular and give the impression, if it were not for tomatoes decoration, we have gone crazy and are serving the dessert before you start eating, then this sandwich cake, totally resembles those nice pies floors or layers cake we see in the books of American pastry.

Sandwich Cake Recipe
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Ingredients for four people

  • 5 rounds Thins rolls and fine type, 100 g Norwegian smoked salmon, 1 cucumber, 1 tomato, 400 g cream cheese, dill, salt,
  • Decoration: 1 bunch fresh chives, 5 cherry tomatoes, 1 radish, 4 small basil leaves

How to Make Sandwich Cake

Start beating in a bowl 150 grams of cream cheese at room temperature, we add a little salt and chopped dill. After we separated and smearing each inside rolls and returning to the bag as they came in.

In a shallow dish, put one of the rolls, will we spread the cream cheese with herbs. Cut the cucumber slices in very finite or a mandolin and we place them in a circle above the layer of cream cheese. We put over another roll, repeat the operation but this time with a layer of cheese followed by smoked salmon into pieces.

We put another roll and cut the same way as the cucumber, a tomato in very finite slices, repeat the same step cream cheese and tomatoes, put a final layer of salmon and close with a bagel, but this time without a double.

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Sandwich Cake Recipe
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In another bowl, we beat the remaining cream cheese with a little salt and let the cake by covering the top and sides, smoothing with a spatula cheese. When smooth, we decorate the sides with chive tips of varying heights, and top with halves, quarters of cherry tomatoes a radish cut into thin slices, and basil leaves.

  • Preparation time | 30 minutes
  • Difficulty | Easy


The sandwich cake can also be prepared with bagels if you do not want to stay as dry and firm, and add some fresh goat ricotta or cream cheese to give it more personality. It is a very versatile cake, because changing the ingredients of the interior; we can have many different versions of savory pie.

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