Spring and summer fashion trends: colours and textiles


As the weather gets better, thoughts will be turning to items for your wardrobe for Spring/Summer. With a vast array of styles, colours and fabrics to choose from, there should be something to suit everyone. Here we look at what’s hot for Spring/Summer, for both men and women.

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According to the Telegraph, shoe trends for women during Spring/Summer 2017 include backless loafers, kitten heels and trainers featuring floral patterns, while for men the trend is for shoes that look like sandals, or vice versa, as well as extreme sports shoes. However, if your thoughts are also turning to clothes, then fear not. There are lots of key items of clothing for Spring/Summer in various colours and fabrics, so you should easily find something to go with those new shoes.


There are various themes and styles for men’s suits which include the use of lots of different colours within one type of fabric. Handcrafted fabrics such as sportswool and cashmere, in colours such as rose and sand, provide the delicate and personal look. Other trends combine natural and manmade fabrics suitable for all weathers, in shades such as teal, clay and slate. Fabrics for the summer include novelty tweeds and small herringbone patterns, in colours such as pink, crimson and aquamarine.


Pink also features heavily in womenswear for Spring/Summer 2017, within a super bright colour palette reminiscent of the 1980s. Other colours we should be wearing include vibrant greens and yellows. Fabrics include those with the high shine factor, just like the ones from the 1980s, as well as those that are sheer and semi-opaque, or more tactile, such as hessian and cashmere.

For fans of florals and stripes, there is something for you too, as both of these patterns are bang on trend. If you fancy having a go at making something yourself, then choose a striped or floral pattern in a cotton fabric, from somewhere like http://www.higgsandhiggs.com/fabrics/cotton-poplin-fabric-112cm.html, to ensure comfort as well as style.

Don’t forget that not all fabrics, colours and styles will suit everyone, but with so much to choose from, you’re bound to find something that does. Now you can look forward to the Spring/Summer season, knowing you have a head start on the key styles and trends for the season.

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