Things to Know About Shooting Competitions

Although gunowners can practice their weapons handling capabilities at a gun range, gun competitions allow them to practice with their weapons and gear in an active environment. They are able to practice firing multiple rounds and handling their firearms while they are standing, moving or even lying down. They practice their draw speed and accuracy. However, participants should know a few things prior to competing.

Practice Using Your Gear

As you step out into a match, you want to understand how to use of your gear. For example, don’t use new competition handguns or accessories for the first time during competitions. Practice drawing your weapon, using your sights, loading and unloading your magazines and weapons and cleaning your weapons. As you become more familiar with your gear, you will gain confidence and eliminate your anxiety or nervousness during the competition.

Safety First

Prior to participation, competitors should understand how to handle and operate a firearm safely. They should have completed a gun safety course and reviewed the competition rules completely. If a participant is unsafe or acts in a way that could be dangerous to themselves or others, they will be immediately disqualified from the competition. Therefore, practice your gun handling prior to the competition, and take your time as you compete.

Pack Your Gear Bag

Your gear bag will include extra ammunition and a gun cleaning kit. It should also include safety gear, such as ear protection, a first aid kit, and high-impact, wrap-around eye protection. You may add water or Gatorade and snacks to keep your energy up and keep you hydrated on the course. You may also bring extra clothing in case of inclement or changes in the weather.

Be sure you learn about the event and its requirements and scoring process, including any Practiscore database account requirements prior to the competition. Prepare early so that you are relaxed and have fun on the day of the competition.

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