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Technological advances allow projects that offer, a reinvention of items that for years have been present in our society, as in the case of public transport, one of the basic elements of any city, where most of the proposals aim to make them more efficient and environmentally friendly.

City Bus
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‘Dancer’ is one of the most interesting projects we’ve seen regard to public transport, since it has a bus that makes use of technology, but also plays with its design, this with the idea of doing more harmonious with the landscape, integrating the urban environment in a friendly manner and even fun.

Dancer is a artistic and technological city bus

The project born in Lithuania by JSC ‘Vėjo projektai’ in collaboration with a lot of companies, seeks to create a new generation of public transport that offers benefits to the population, but also to the city as its appearance is an important part of The initiative.

‘Dancer bus’ is a redesign of an old trolleybus ‘škoda TR14’, which has been disconnected from the lines of higher energy because it has been removed the main engine to give way to four electric motors, one at each wheel, They obtain their energy through a wind system that operates at all times, this thanks to the special design of the bus.’

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As for the structure, they have been removed sheet metal of the sides and the roof, which are being replaced by translucent and opaque panels, but the main feature is that you new panels are made ​​from recycled materials, allowing the bus decreases its weight by 57%, which makes it easier to move, even with passengers.

City Bus
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Thanks to this design and materials, the cabin of the bus has natural light and offers a panoramic view of the city, in addition to visual pollution is reduced because such buses do not offer the option to carry advertising. An additional point is that each panel can be added a film of LED lights, which can be programmed to display data path statically or dynamically, which also serve to give a unique look at night.

So far there are a couple of these buses circulating around town, but the idea is to completely change the entire existing fleet over the next year, because even though the investment is large, will bring medium term benefits because consumption energy is zero and virtually no need cabling infrastructure distributed by the city.

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