How number porting can make your VoIP transfer easier

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) involves the delivery of phone services over the internet. It is becoming an attractive option, primarily because it is a cost-effective, flexible and efficient means of communication. VoIP is looking even more attractive with the added benefits of number porting.

What is number porting and how does it impact VoIP?

Number porting is transferring a current number to a new service provider, meaning that customers can keep their current telephone numbers despite switching to a different communications provider. Being able to use your old number makes VoIP transfer easier for you in the following ways:
VoIP transfer easier

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1. Keep already-established business contact

The more established your business, the more reluctant you may be to switch to VoIP, as your number is the means by which your established, new and potential clients contact you. In the case of your personal contacts – your loved ones and acquaintances – number porting with VoIP transfer eliminates any concerns over losing contact, as your business and personal contact numbers remain the same.

2. Save time and money

Switching to VoIP with number porting saves you both time and money. Think of the time it could take to manually change your contact details on your profiles, website and other avenues – both on and off-line – especially if you have multiple listings. Perhaps you would even have to pay someone to do this for you. This is not to mention contacting family and friends to inform them of such a change, and quite possibly the connections you could lose in the process.

VoIP transfer easier

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VoIP is also much cheaper in comparison to regular phone line. You are no longer tied to a physical address or monthly line rental fees. You could also benefit from wholesale VoIP termination rates from suppliers such a, making the switch that much easier.

3. Increased flexibility and more opportunities

The possibility of using number porting with VoIP means the flexibility of having telephone access just an internet away. All your telephone communication could be done with your laptop or just a single mobile phone. You could take your phone connection with you wherever you go.

It could also create opportunities to grow your business, offering features such as toll-free numbers, texting, calling cards, application programming interface (API), and origination and termination.

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