When is it time to change work? The 5 alarm according to experts

Getting up in the morning to go to work has become a real torture? Do you look anxious 18 to stamp the card and run away? At the first sneezing, call your doctor to give you a few days of illness? The only idea to talk to your boss and colleagues from the hives? If you answered yes to at least 3 questions, according to experts it really is time to look for work.

When motivation and enthusiasm begin to fall short, continuing to work in the same office can be detrimental to, and adversely affect, not only the work performance but also the professional’s psycho physical well-being. Change and Innovation, at times, are functional and indispensable for personal fulfillment and satisfaction. Of course, taking up a new job adventure is never a decision to take in an awkward way, but when certain signs start, maybe it’s time to look for a new job.

What are the alarm bells that should make us understand when it’s time to refresh your CV and look for a new job? Here we have collected 5 alarm to consider …

time to change work
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1. When the days become infinite

All of us have days that seem endless, in which we continue to look at the clock wondering when it’s time to unplug it to leave its position. But what if these days drag on for weeks or even months? To find momentum and enthusiasm, it might be enough just to try to get a little professional gratification, such as a salary increase, a promotion, a new benefit, or a chance to take a course to increase your skills. And if none of these gratifications are enough, perhaps it is really time to look for new professional opportunities.

2. Always feel dissatisfied

If it is no longer possible to find new stimuli in what you do, it is good to start thinking about an alternative job. A constant dissatisfaction that is not scorned even by the gratifications of colleagues and superiors is another alarm bell that should lead us to reflect on our professional life. It’s important to feel valued and proud of what you do and of the role you play in your business. Without a minimum of personal satisfaction, passion, commitment and work enthusiasm crumble.

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3. When you want to make a career

Aiming to occupy a more prestigious position is quite legitimate, especially if for years it has always played the same role. However, if the conditions for professional growth are lacking, it may well be worth trying to look for a new job that allows greater accountability and greater gratification, both on a personal and profitable level.

time to change work
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4. If your work condition your mood even outside the office

When work, for the most diverse reasons, becomes an obstacle to your happiness or prevents you from carving moments of serenity and relaxation with your friends and family. It is time to ask if it is worth continuing, or if not the case to look for a new reality that allows you to combine best private life and work, safeguarding your emotional well-being.

5. If your salary is not adequate

It is true that money does not make happiness, but being adequately paid represents an important acknowledgment to the profound commitment. If your pay is the reason for dissatisfaction, you can always talk with your own boss and try to negotiate a wage increase. If the request is to be rejected and the level of company engagement rises dangerously, it is really time to look at career opportunities with the most profitable remuneration.

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