When the weakness of the security of your company is on the website?

Data protection in enterprises has to go beyond the domestic sphere. Avoid intrusions from the outside is essential, but usually the focus is on preventing unauthorized access. Sometimes the weakness of the security company is on the website, if not well built or if you use an outdated CMS.

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Content managers or CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, to name three of the best known examples are very useful to shorten the development time of a web page, and above all, that the company is able to upload your own content as well as implement new features quickly and easily. This is a problem, no longer software, a computer program that we have to keep updated.

As is the case with our Windows operating system or some of the programs we use on the desktop, Java or Flash to give two examples, as security problems companies responsible for their development are detected are removing the patches that we must apply to correct the vulnerabilities to which we are exposed.

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The CMS also have these vulnerabilities and we have to be updated versions and plugins that we used to extend its basic functionality. Many companies do not care about this circumstance, they are only concerned that the site is operational, not that there is a security problem that affects to them and their clients. The most significant case is the web of Mossack-Fonseca, where failure resulted in one of the theft of your user data and its customers with the result we all know.

If we are not willing to keep these programs that help us manage the web it is best to create custom web by a web designer. The other option is to pay maintenance for someone to take care of having the updated page. We can do both with a CMS, as in the case of development as where you would point the contentions we want to publish on the web.

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