You dare? How to make your own DIY shelf drawer for your favorite magazines and books

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The cold days are perfect to stay at home. Reading a book, or maybe doing some DIY activity. Today, we bring hand Bruger one simple tutorial to make a DIY shelf.

A tutorial that adds to the fashion of recycle, restore and reuse, giving a second life that will allow you to give a second life to a simple box that will transform on a shelf so you can keep at it your favorite books or magazines we start ?


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Input, as always, it is important to have prepared all the material we have to use. So before we get down to work, look to see if you have a drawer, a wooden strip, a bucket, glaze Acrylic Satin Yellow Gold and Blue Sky Bruguer, body tape, a brush and a roller.

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To begin with, we need to leave the drawer ready. So if it was painted before, or if you have remnants of varnish, paint or enamel, it is best to sand the surface of the drawer to remove these imperfections that can cause problems in the finishing.


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The next step? The one I like the most! Paint! Begins with a first color painting the inside of the drawer. And to make it easier, use the brush to paint the corners, and a roller to paint the rest. That way, you’re going to be faster. Once the inside of the drawer is painted, allow it to dry for several hours.

Then paint the outside of the drawer in a second color with a roller. And so you do not stain paint what is already finished, you can cover the edges with body tape.


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While waiting for the paint to dry, you can go cut a strip of wood that has about 2 centimeters approximately wide with long having the drawer, and paint it with the same enamel having the outer portion thereof.

When we have dry, you have to fit this bar about 15 centimeters from the bottom, having to screw it on both sides to hold it securely. To finish, if you want to hang the shelf on the wall, you must put two locks in the back And you already have your DIY shelf! Simple, right?

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