8 tips to win over a customer

win over a customer

8 tips to win over a customer

How to win over a customer is definitely a topic that deserves to be developed, because regardless of what your business is and what type of product or service you offer, your customers are the focus of your work.

To be able to catch their attention there are no magic formulas, but certainly a series of measures can be adopted that are not only extremely useful but also innovative and visually memorable. The client or potential client must remember you after your first fact-finding interview. To do this you don’t have to wear the Superman or Wonder Woman costume, you don’t need to bring the band to play their favorite song (I never thought about this …), what you have to do is first of all preserve your authenticity in order to be able to sell at its best.

It is important to underline what you are able to do, to underline it in the right way (without shouting it and without exclamation marks) and show it. Yes, you have to show what you can do and therefore what you could do for him. You have to entice him, with sincerity.

This not only testifies to your skills, but exposes a personal part of you that otherwise would have no way of knowing.

An interview of technicalities and virtuosity is an end in itself, if your desire is to conquer a customer, be yourself “dressed” as an innovative professional.

Okay, okay … so far they are all beautiful words, but I want to support you with practical advice that has helped and help me in my daily work.

These are 8 practical and visual tips that can really help you win over a customer …

# 1 Tell a story

Potential customers appreciate personal stories, if relevant to their goals. You can tell how your customer managed to overcome one or more obstacles thanks to your support or how he managed to move from a standstill (in terms of revenue and visibility) to a state in which his product or service is requested daily , also through constant visibility obtained precisely following your interventions.

Of course the more unique and personal (and authentic) the story the better it will work. Accompany your story with pre-built images or slides that narrate the transition from an initial state of immobility to a successful one, it shows the stages of change.

# 2 Use a slider on your site to show your customers

A slider, then a scroll of images built and representative on the home page of your site or on a dedicated page, which talks about the customers you work with.

These images must tell the highlights of your speeches and, of course, must report the testimonies of those you work with or have worked with. It is a great way to highlight key customers by leveraging your strengths.

In addition, using the slider as a space dedicated to customers, you can take advantage of the rest of the page to talk about yourself and your services.

# 3 Create a case history

Another way to win over a customer is to create an in-depth case study and show it in detail.

First of all, what is a case study: it is a study of individual success cases from which effective indications can be obtained for solving problems.

You will therefore understand that telling and showing how your client has been successful through concrete evidence is certainly a tool of persuasion during the interview. And if you don’t have your own case study you can use famous case studies close to your work to enhance your specific skills or the tools you use. See what IBM has done about it.

You can publish the case study on your site or you can show your client’s site by showing his personal case study, if posted there.

Ultimately, a case study should examine one aspect of what the client is doing very well with lots of results in tow.

# 4 Show the testimonials of satisfied customers on video

Another way to highlight your loyal customers and catch the attention of new ones is to highlight your current customers and their success stories through effective video. You could use a space on your website dedicated to video testimonials.

A stratospheric direction is not necessary to obtain a communicatively adequate and persuasive result. Just let the customer tell his story, with his words. You can make creative use of the images being edited if you want to add elements to the interviews. Finally, you can add adequate music (audio only, no voice) and possibly captions, to really grab the interest of users / potential customers.

# 5 Show a clean intervention project

When you talk about your job and show your action plan to the prospect, make sure the project is well presented.

It must be clean, free of aesthetic frills. It must go straight to the first with the images then with the words. And if in your project you present successful case studies of some of your customers then be sure to present them with similar if not the same graphic characteristics so as not to give the idea that one customer is more or less important than the other.

The client you have to conquer does not let itself be deceived by aesthetic virtuosity, he wants to see the flab of the speech and he wants to see it immediately so make sure you are not too long-winded.

I know, respecting all these parameters is not easy and it takes exercise, but I guarantee that in this way you reduce the number of doubts and any risky questions from the customer you intend to conquer. Be honest with yourself, show what you can do and don’t venture into swamps that you are not trained to walk.

# 6 What do old customers say?

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes it isn’t. In the case of testimonials, the customers we want to conquer want to read what current customers have to say about our business and / or our work.

When instead of the video testimonials we use the texts to emphasize the thought of an acquired customer with whom we have already worked, and then we make sure that the message is clear, effective and that it goes straight to the point.

# 7 Old-fashioned testimonials

If you don’t have time to create a case study to present to the potential customer and if you cannot create video testimonials, then I suggest you create a page on your site dedicated to what your customers say about you simply by using a customer photo ( possibly in a rod) with related text next to it (the testimony).

The key elements in the text must be: a small presentation of your client, how it was working together and some positive notes on your intervention.

# 8 The dear good old Portfolio… yes but not very old

Another idea is to simply have a page dedicated to your customers where you highlight the product or service they offer, their logo and other representative images that clearly tell what that customer does.

It is in effect a portfolio of jobs, yours. Make sure to update it constantly, not only with respect to new arrivals but also with respect to old customers who, it may happen, are no longer available on the net.

Some may have closed their site and are perhaps offline, in this case you should remove their reference from your portfolio because otherwise the visitor (or potential customer) who clicks on the link of that specific customer will find himself in front of an offline site and you may find yourself in the situation of explaining something that you discovered only at that moment … Of course if that particular site comes back online, it will magically return to your portfolio too.

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