From accounts to the big screen

From accounts to the big screen

When most people think of accountants, they imagine a rather dull individual in a suit and tie carrying a briefcase and keen to get their head stuck in a sheet of numbers. However, this is being somewhat unkind to accountants. A flair for numbers certainly doesn’t need to be dull! Did you know there are quite a few famous people that once trained as accountants but you would know for other reasons entirely? Here are some surprise secret accountants:

Eddie Izzard the Comedian

Better known for his lipstick, outlandish style and quick wit, Eddie Izzard actually did attempt a career in accounting. Thankfully for us, he is far better at comedy than he was at accounting. His father was an accountant before him and Eddie tried to follow in his footsteps but when he failed all his exams and couldn’t convince the University of Sheffield to take him back, he knew he needed to pursue a different career.

Robert Plant the Rock Legend

God of Rock Robert Plant can only ever be known as the lead singer of the epic band Led Zeppelin. His father desperately wanted Robert to enter the world of chartered accounting but Robert had other ideas. He loved music from very early on, being a big blues and Elvis fan. He began accounting lessons at age 16 but abandoned them after a fortnight to go to college and study music. So, what was undoubtedly a loss to the accounting world was a blessing to the rock world.

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Mick Jagger the Rolling Stone

There seems to be a link between accounting and music. Perhaps being good with numbers helps to give you rhythm! Jagger was awarded a scholarship to train in accounting and finance at the prestigious London School of Economics. Around the time when he was studying, he met Keith Richards and Brian Jones. So, while he should have been dealing with figures, he was being enticed into the world of rock music.  He stayed on the course for a year but never finished it and it’s probably just as well as the sixties would not have been so swinging otherwise! For a more reliable Gloucester accountants, visit Gloucester accountants Randall and Payne

Chuck Liddell the Fighter

Chuck is an MMA expert and former UFC champion. You wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley but you might want him to take a look at your books! He has helped put MMA on the map and has been instrumental in helping it to become a mainstream sport. He also studied accounting at college, while training and fighting as a wrestler in his spare time. He graduated in Business and Accounting from the California Polytechnic College in the mid 1990s so as well as being handy in the ring, he could help you with your taxes too.

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D’Lo Brown the Wrestler

From crunching numbers to smashing skulls – D’Lo Brown was a household name in WWF between 1997 and 2003. He is also a certified accountant having graduated from the University of Maine.

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