How to build trust in your online store customers to improve sales

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How to build trust in your online store customers to improve sales

One of the main drawbacks when it comes to buying online is that you do not know who is behind that business. Especially in the case of small shops. We do not have the facility to talk to customers who cross the door just like they do at a neighborhood store. That is why it is fundamental to generate confidence in the customers of the online store to improve sales.

We no longer talk about technical issues, such as having a certificate for the page to use https and communication is encrypted, have a quality web hosting and that meets all safety standards or, of course, comply with the LOPD. The customer cannot doubt the professionalism of our online commerce in no time.

Build trust in the online store

online store

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An online store for a small business has to be displayed at all times nearby …

  • Create a blog and provide tips and tricks for your customers. Many will arrive at your online store through this blog.
  • Use a virtual assistant to assist customers during the purchase process. A chat that puts you in touch with the customers who visit the page. This way you can resolve any doubt at the time of purchase decision making.
  • Encourage the opinion of your customers about the products they have purchased. If you encourage them to leave the opinion about the purchase made, with discounts and offers for upcoming acquisitions, in addition to giving the customer who visits the web the first time a good impression, you work loyalty.
  • Show your contact information, location or fiscal, but with a touch of reality. Include photos of your physical store if you have it or if not the people in charge of the online store, do not use archive photos with models that give a feeling of not having a real person behind the business.
  • Explain clearly the policy of product changes, shipping times and the expenses they have.

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Create community around your store

If in addition to selling, we also carry out other activities in the store, such as workshops, courses, etc. Offers information to customers about the dates of the coming and photos in a summary of the already made. This helps on the one hand customer loyalty, but it is also an element of trust for those who are not yet.

Here the use of social networks is fundamental. It is very important to spread all the activities that are organized, the tricks, the posts that have been created in the blog, etc. All this helps a customer who does not know us make the decision to buy in our small online store.

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