How to do business networking: 7 tips to cure and business relations

Business Network

How to do business networking: 7 tips to cure and business relations

How to do business by expanding its network of professional contacts? To answer this question are below seven effective strategies that will help you achieve the goal in a simple and immediate. Ready? Let’s get started!

# 1 – Know the company and meet the entrepreneur

When it comes to network, particularly in markets B2B (business to business) to obtain concrete benefits like acquiring a new customer, during the approach, it is important to break down the wall of mistrust that almost automatically forms coming into contact with a stranger. Move closer to his world slowly deepening their knowledge gradually and trying to obtain concrete information about the company managed, on work performed or regarding the expectations for the future, the imminent need, preferences, tastes, hobbies and passions. Succeeding in this, tighten the stable and lasting relationships will be much easier.

Business Network

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# 2 – Guard your contacts over time

In the vast majority of cases, do networking means (among other things) be able to keep contacts over time, keeping alive the bonds even if the current state of the facts, there is an attendance and a business interest constant. Whether its colleagues from a previous job, professionals met during a meeting of suppliers or known through other companies, any person entered in the past in your circle can always come in handy in the future.

# 3 – Snap new contacts online, but you hold the knowledge of the person

Since we’re talking about how to do business by building a strong network of knowledge, we must make note that although the web allows you to easily form relationships, to consolidate any kind of relationship you need to meet people face to face, for example, also only proposing to go for a coffee together: doing so is easier to build up mutual trust and lay the foundation for forging a stable bond. Obviously, not every activity is possible, we think only of the difficulty of such an activity for e-commerce.

# 4 – Be a strategic networker

Anyone who wants to network the right way must first prove strategic in setting up its own network of contacts: a good tip to take this path is certainly to identify different contexts in which tighten relations (congresses, conferences, meetings or other meetings general) and to establish a minimum number of people to meet during all circumstances. Position yourself concrete goals, you certainly better results.

# 5 – Leverage the power elevator pitch

Since the elevator pitch (a type of speech that is presented to us, for professional reasons, to another person or organization in very short time) requires brevity, clarity and effectiveness, it can be used during the first meetings with clients, colleagues or suppliers in order to send them their dowries, arousing the curiosity and pushing them towards the opening of a working relationship.

# 6 – Record all new contacts

To be able to network effectively, when you get the references of a new contact must always remember to record them immediately to avoid losing them. Use an Excel file in which there are full name, phone number, e-mail address and name of the company to which they belong or use a CRM (when our business is particularly structured) that automates the entire process of saving and management of names does not make much difference: the important thing is that in times of need is simple to find the person sought.

# 7 – Expand your network of contacts every day

To expand a network of contacts, it is advisable to dedicate each day a few minutes of time available to search profiles with which you would like to report. Social networks support a lot in this because, in addition to providing as quickly Subscriber information hard to find elsewhere, then allow contact with discretion any user just to show up: send some cognitive email every week, can be a valid system to increase their useful hooks.

Now that we have explained how to do business and make new relationships, you also have the opportunity to practice these 7 tips to surround yourself with profiles that, in the future, might help you grow from a professional perspective.

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