How to reward your employees through the emotional salary


How to reward your employees through the emotional salary

When talking about salary in the company many organizations in addition to the amount they pay workers also have other types of non-monetary compensation. They are also very much appreciated when it comes to accepting a job offer, but also to keep the talent within the company. Let’s see how to gratify your employees through the emotional pay.

They are factors that have to do with the fact that workers feel recognized in their professional work, protected by the company and at the same time allows them to grow professionally. In most companies there is a glass ceiling on employees, who know that many who improve their skills and professional training, will not improve.


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Employees are an asset of the company

This does not imply that they have to remain stuck professionally. The company has to worry about continuing to offer them opportunities for continuing education. It is not just about promoting a position, but also about having more valuable employees. For the worker, in addition to personal satisfaction, is an opportunity if tomorrow has to change companies.

The recognition of the work done is another key aspects. In many cases it is not valued that the employees that the company has are fundamental to carry out their projects. In addition to employees who have been many years, when it comes to replacing them in case they leave, the company may have problems in the short and medium term to find someone to supply.

Finally there is another fundamental aspect that has to do with employee protection. It is about supporting and helping you in your personal life. If we think that when crossing the door of the company the problems that may have in the personal scope are left out, the fact is that we are not taking good care of our workers.

That the company has empathy helps greatly reduce the stresses and stress that certain episodes in personal life can produce on job performance. After all, we spend more than a third of our day-to-day lives surrounded by our co-workers and the company should also serve to support all its members.

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Beyond gross salary, caring for employees pays off

If all these are added policies of conciliation, possibility of teleworking and flexibility of work, the fact is that adds many points to the payroll that comes to us at the end of the month. This does not mean that you can pay less if you apply this type of emotional retribution. You always have to count that if the salary does not give the employee to cover his needs, sooner rather than later he will stop by our office to ask for a raise or will look for a job in another company where he can get it.

The benefits of the emotional salary for the company are in an improvement of the productivity, will reduce the absenteeism work and will have a smaller rotation of personnel. In this way, the effort made, both at the level of organization and training, is more than compensated. Also with the reduction of some personnel expenses derived from the rotation in the templates.

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