How to start a transport company

How to start a transport company

How to start a transport company

The period of the economic crisis we are experiencing leads us, in a certain way, to ponder some choices in the economic sphere with extreme attention. Starting your own business, therefore, is an operation that requires a lot and particular care. In this guide, we will have the opportunity to see How to start a transport company. In more detail, we will see how to start a transport company. Just follow the steps of this guide, to give the so-called “the” to your transport company in a very effective way.

How to start a transport company?

You will need:

  • Specific driving license for the vehicles to be driven
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • References of professionalism as drivers
  • Documents certifying your income
  • Application to the Register of Hauliers
  • High school diploma
  • Certification of experience in the sector of at least 5 years
  • Registration with the CCIAA or the Artisan Business Register
  • Owned or leased vehicles
  • Cash register (if any)
  • VAT number
  • Business plan
  • Municipal authorization
  • Registered office

How to start a transport company

The question

The transport sector, by the nature of its object, is always active. But the vast and strong competition in the field must be considered. Therefore, before starting a transport company, it would be better to draw up a business plan. But above all, choose very carefully what kind of transport business you want to start. In fact, there is road haulage on its own account, with the eventual sale of goods, road haulage for third parties, road haulage for people and mixed road haulage of people and things.

If we intend to deal with road haulage on behalf of third parties, with a capacity of fewer than 1.5 tons, we must submit a written application to the Register of road haulers, which also includes the certificate of good conduct. If the total weight of the vehicle instead exceeds the above calibration, it is also necessary to provide other requirements, including that of a good financial position. In addition to being excellent professionals both in driving and in the logistical situations of the case.

The certification

To prove your professionalism, you must have a certification that can be obtained by passing exams at the Municipality of residence. Obviously, it is necessary to attend a course, but nevertheless, this is not essential in some cases. For example, if you have a baccalaureate or a demonstrable experience of about 5 years. Like that of the management of a trucking company duly registered in the Register of Road Haulers. If the object of the transport company to be started refers to people, such as a taxi or a rental car with a driver, it is important to submit a specific application to the Municipality to which you belong.

The application must explicitly request authorization for the type of activity intended for the transport of persons. The documentation to be possessed must be the following: authorization for driving vehicles in compliance with the rules of the highway code and registration with the Chamber of Commerce or the Register of Artisan Companies. Furthermore, it is necessary to own or lease vehicles, for which authorization to carry out the mixed transport of people and things must be requested.

The exam

After the acceptance of the application, it is still necessary to take an exam concerning the municipal regulation on public transport. As well as the basic notions of civil, commercial and tax law. Also for the transport of foodstuffs, the Municipality of belonging issues the authorization to operate.

Obviously, the aforementioned documentation must be completed with other tax certificates, such as the opening of the VAT number at the Territorial Revenue Agency. Furthermore, it is necessary to have an appropriate registered office, that is, equipped with a suitable parking space for vehicles intended for loading and unloading goods. Finally, you must have a cash register if you are selling retail products.

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