How will be workers tomorrow marketing?

Future Marketing

How will be workers tomorrow marketing?

One issue that all workers in the field of marketing have to be clear in recent times is that in this industry is almost impossible to survive if it is not in line with the times. What renew or die is no longer an option; it is an obligation that must face what look like look.

The market for marketing and communication is constantly evolving and changing; especially now that depends much greater impact form of technology in decision-making. Technology has changed the relationship with consumers and continues to change, and doing so very rapidly form. Increasingly the new scenarios appear more and more issues that brands have to solve and new profiles born in the heat of these new tools and these new needs and are increasingly matters in which you have to specialize if you want to remain efficient and professional marketing.

Future Marketing

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One way to connect with what is happening and to be prepared for the changes is kept in a sort of constant learning. As doctors have been doing forever, marketing workers must be more than ever in line with the latest changes and the latest updates that are occurring in their field of work. They have to be constantly updated and always up to date. Many professionals are getting always keeping abreast of what are happening, analysis and reading books on the subject and following the media. Another tool is the marketing courses and ongoing training, in a sort of continuous training does not end when you leave college.

Another way to be prepared for what the market will demand is to be alert to changes and anticipate what the market will ask for the immediate future. What are the elements that will make what the market need and what are the qualifications that marketers will have to have to continue to understand the market is?

Technology has become one of the key elements and starring one of the most mass lists employment trends and concerns of the marketers. However think that just the word technology is the key to knowing what will happen or to be prepared for the changes is a mistake. What you need to do – and what you need to know – it’s much more complex than that.

What is the path to follow to be prepared for the jobs of the future?

The road seems to be increasingly on specialization and offer a concrete ability to solve specific problems. The profiles techie is highly demanded by the industry, but with it not just be a technologist. You have to be a technologist in the industry that interests you. Those related to the different fields of big data professionals are the ones that most interest among businesses, coupled with professional as mathematicians, statisticians, futuristic or experts in trading with algorithms (workers who were formerly material Wall Street but are no longer alone). They are very specific profiles, very scientific and are not used in the marketing industry, but that will help create new jobs picture.

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It is true that still exist, still, creative profiles and related work that capacity. As pointed experts workers as writers or designers are the least threatened by robots and will continue to form a key part of the marketing industry. What changes it is that if only they were needed before, they are now much more professional and much more varied environments.

2025 jobs

Many of these profiles have, in fact, echoed in what is expected to prevail in the future and what industry demand in the coming years. An analysis of Fast Company identifies and profiles the work that will be hot spots in 2025 and, among them; you can be found a few profiles linked to the marketing industry.

On the one hand, are the jobs that are linked to technology and which are known as ‘computational thinking’ (work on which is capable of handling large amounts of data to reach conclusions and develop guidelines and strategies). Thus, the forecasts are that the work specialized in marketing and market analysts to rise as the foam. Searches for these professionals grow between now and the end of 2024 by 18.6%.

Not the only emerging jobs. Although there seems to now algorithms for all, the forecasts also point to be increasing demand for workers with skills in knowledge in social intelligence and issues related to ‘new media’. That is, employees who are able to understand how different communication platforms work, how it affects communication and how to act on them, while understand different cultures and scenarios will be sought. So, work as marketing specialist in these areas or in this highly specialized customer format will rise between 6.4 and 18.6%.

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