Leveraging a Trade Show

Trade Show

Leveraging a Trade Show

Some entrepreneurs believe that to leverage a trade show have to build the biggest or most striking stand, however, this is not so. Discover some clues in this note.

Tips for Making a Trade Show

The development of various events for nuclear companies is a trend that is increasing in recent years. That is why firms want to leverage a trade show the most during the days open to the public.

Trade Show

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What catches the attention of these exhibitions is that gather a large group of companies, brands and interrelated or under a particular topic services. For example, we can find technology fairs, car, communication, tourism, social networks and even entrepreneurs. Large companies do not lose any opportunity to be present, and the medium and small choose which to attend according to certain criteria, such as the rental value of the stand, the dates, the number of visitors, the target, etc.

No need to be present in every one of the events taking place in your city or area of influence, because sometimes, it saturates to potential customers. In addition, to take advantage of a trade show is better to have a place in those 100% related to what the company offers.

On the other hand, be present at a trade show is not the only thing a company should do. This event would be only part of your marketing strategy and advertising. Then, must continue “taking the juice” to the website, social networks, promotions, etc. On these platforms and techniques it is where the best returns are obtained.

Corporate events can be used to contact and meet with customers as well as service providers place or commodity. Of course, because a fair is not always to offer, but also to get…

6 tips to take advantage of a trade fair

It is basically renting a booth, installing portable, offering pamphlets and ready. With that you will not get the attention of potential customers. If you just want to show off as an exhibitor, getting press mentions, make new contracts, get strategic partners and other benefits, you must plan ahead.

Consider the following tips to get a trade show:

  1. Recognizes the action area

Before renting a booth at the event, explores well what the show is. It’s always good to start with a local congress to save on travel and lodging. By “testing the waters”, you will be acquiring more valuable on the field and knowledge of competition.

Most expos (as the saying goes), will inform firms which are already confirmed, because that gives them prestige. Take advantage of these data.

  1. Build your own strategy for trade fair

Perhaps the first time you participate in a trade fair take thoughts of other events, without forgetting, of course, the imprint of your brand. Check what is the list of exhibitors and discusses how you can offer something that they do not have.

Your strategy may be diverse, but always related to what you offer. Do not you want to have the most striking exhibition stand if then you have nothing to offer him.

  1. Create your speech

Not only must mount a stand and hope that visitors become crazy for our products, you have to go out and show what you offer. A great demonstration of the effectiveness of your services, for example, is a good idea. However, a good speech elaborated consciousness (not unexpected) that tells the public what we are meeting the need is really a success.

Another idea to take advantage of a trade show is to put together a corporate video, to avoid having to talk to the audience all the time, for example. It should last less than 3 minutes and be flashy, energetic and with much conviction.

  1. Use every centimeter of your stand

To take advantage of a trade show you have to hold your entire investment (which may be considerable). But beware, that does not mean overloading stands with inventory and furniture. Leaves room for people to move accordingly without bumping into things or fear of throwing something on the ground. Remember that most bear bags, signs, flyers, merchandising products and all you can think of.

When designing the stand, do it in real size and not a computer program, so you have more sense of space available. A clean, simple and bright place is the key.

  1. Reduce costs, but do not skimp on everything

One of the tips to get a trade show is to determine what the budget you want or can invest. You can go to design students to help you with brochures, signs or logos. Try to find different prices for printing cards or flyers. Invest wisely also in the training of personnel who will be responsible for serving customers in the event.

  1. Decide how you spend money to participate in the fair

We are talking about spending money on the good sense of the word, that is, on what is worth paying a little more. For example, higher pay to be in the central hall of the exhibition center or closer to the gateway adds, an investment that is worth buying instead of renting furniture. In this way, you can use it in other fairs or presentations, with a slight change to not bore.

With these tips, you’ll undoubtedly take advantage of a trade show to the fullest and fulfill your purpose of contacting potential customers, closing deals and more.

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