Will AI impact business coaching?

Will AI impact business coaching?

The pros and cons of AI are everywhere, with most of us only just beginning to understand its potential and pitfalls. In business, there are many ways AI can be used to boost a company’s strategy and sales, but is it possible that human experience could be replaced by algorithms?

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The voice of experience

For startups, using a business coach or mentor is key to success. Those who have been through the process can share their expertise and help entrepreneurs recognise where the risks lie. Effective business coaches help highlight problems and challenges and provide a sounding board for company leaders to turn to.

While AI software such as ChatGPT can be a valuable tool that can be used to write a business plan or answer questions, it is not yet competent enough to replace a real-life mentor.

The Federation of Small Businesses recently called for AI training in new skills to be made tax deductible so that small firms are more able to afford it. Its research showed that while 20 percent of firms use AI, 29 per cent don’t use it as they don’t know enough about it and/or lack the relevant skills. This is another reason most small businesses will opt for a relationship with a fellow human.

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Build a rapport

Finding the right person to help your business grow isn’t possible with AI, so using a business advisory service is likely to be a better option for those with little experience. Gloucester business advisory firms such as https://www.randall-payne.co.uk/services/business-advisory/ offer a range of services that can be tailored to suit.

While an AI system can answer complex questions, it can’t provide emotional intelligence or have empathy, meaning it is unlikely to usurp business coaching any time soon.

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