Do not get ripped off when buying a car online! We give you 5 tips

buying a car online

Do not get ripped off when buying a car online! We give you 5 tips

If you have searched ever a used car through the Internet sure you’ve come across a bargain at knockdown price that made you doubt his veracity, and certainly will have done very well. And the scams in this type of shopping online are the order of the day and is essential to know how to operate these scammers to identify and avoid them.

Thanks to Mitula portal and the National Police know that this kind of scams purchases used cars online has increased in recent years, as these transactions have become more popular more and more. Here are some tips to not fall into the traps of these scammers if you decide to look for online car.

buying a car online

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Distrusts throwaway prices

If you find an immaculate Porsche 911 relatively recent and with a decent price, it goes without saying that you should not take the announcement seriously. Always suspicious of prices that are unrealistic and try to assess what prices the model in question moves you’re looking for. If you stumble upon a much cheaper suspicion. In addition, it is normal that the seller claims that other buyers have or cannot show the car to be traveling. So, they ask for money for the reservation and then disappear without a trace.

Eye with cars “abroad”

According to police, it is customary to contact the seller of one of these fraudulent ads you ensure that the car sale located abroad and recommend you hire a transport company to bring it and ensure reliable delivery. The reality is that this company usually not exists -these scammers come to buy Internet domains and create false websites, but they ask money to manage shipping. If you pay, you’ll never know anything Seller Of course, the money or the car.

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Ask for information to the seller or stays with him

A good strategy to check that the ad in question for which we are interested is true is to try to contact the seller to ask for information about the vehicle and ideally meet personally with him or at least trying, and be wary if put problems when seen. If you are abroad or seems to have trouble communicating in our language (emails with spelling mistakes or obvious automatic translations), not trust you. If you can, you get the maximum possible information on the seller or the selling company (phone, mail, postal address, etc …)

Do not make prepayments

Fraudsters seek you out money any way they can. So, do not make any advance payment in respect of customs, transport or reserve, because it is very likely not see that money again. First of all, prudence and common sense.

Use known and secure pages

There are many online portals dedicated to classified ads, where we can find second – hand vehicles of all kinds. Ideally, it consults the most renowned, because they are known and secure pages, pursuing scams. It acts with caution if you use the social networks to make the purchase, because there is less control and more risk of fraud.

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