Four Steps to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Prepare Your Car for Winter

Four Steps to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Each year as winter approaches, it’s a good idea to do a quick check on the condition of your car. You want to do everything you can to make sure it is in good working condition by the time the freezing temperatures and inclement weather arrived. Check out four steps to take as you prepare your car for the winter season.

Prepare Your Car for Winter

Check the Condition of Your Lights to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Having bright, working lights on your car is a must-have especially on those wintry nights when the road conditions are deteriorating. So, check to see if all your bulbs are working. If it’s been a couple seasons since you changed the bulbs in your lights, have new ones put in so you don’t experience any blown bulbs during the cold season.

Evaluate Your Windshield Wipers to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Your windshield wipers clear slush, snowflakes and freezing rain off your windshield so you can see. So, it’s essential that you check their condition before winter arrives. Is the rubber worn away on your wipers? If so, replace them so you can begin the season with fresh wipers that work as they should. As a note, if you park your car outside during the winter, put socks on your windshield wipers. This may look silly, but it’ll keep your wipers from freezing to your windshield if there is freezing rain or snow.

Check the Tread on Your Tires to Prepare Your Car for Winter

In order to drive safely in the snow, you need tires with tread that is new or only slightly worn. Your tire tread needs to be in good condition in order to get traction on a slippery road. If you need to replace your tires find a resource such as this one in Calgary, Alberta to find ones that are suitable for winter driving.

Test Your Battery to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Have you ever walked out to start your car in the wintertime only to hear clicking noises when you turn the key? This means your battery is dead. So, to avoid this annoying situation, test your battery to see how much life it has in it going into the winter season. If your battery is old or has very little charge left in it, get a new one before winter begins. This allows you to avoid the crowd of car owners who need a new battery right away because theirs has died.

Lastly, doing a little maintenance on your car before wintertime can save you trouble on those frosty mornings when you need to get to work. Plus, regular maintenance throughout the year adds to the number of miles you’ll get out of your car before you must purchase a new one.

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