How Polishing the headlights

Polish Your Headlights

How Polishing the headlights

Do your eyes look tired vehicle? It’s time to polish the headlights and leave as new.

Polishing techniques Auto headlights

To always have the greatest driving safety is essential to polish the headlights of the car and ensure proper lighting in all our ways. In addition, this work will make it look better, smarter, and maintain the resale value of your vehicle rather high.

Cars headlights polishing

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Learn easy ways to polish the headlights of the car like a professional, using what you probably already have at home.

Ingredients polishing plastic headlights

If the coverage of your car headlights are plastic, you must learn to polish and leave as new with simple but effective actions. To achieve this, you need different elements; depending on the level of harm they have suffered lights. Get the following:

  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Water and bucket
  • One microfiber cleaning cloth or other soft
  • Low contact tape to protect the body
  • Hard foam block (or a firm sponge)
  • Sandpaper 500, of 1000 and 2000 grit, water / wet
  • Polishing paste for plastic or headlights
  • Alcohol gel
  • Sealant plastic headlights

Working of a beacon at a time, both front, rear, as the upper and lower lamps. Depending on the state where they are, perform these steps in order to be recovering the harm they have suffered plastic lights.

Steps to polish the headlights

Body covers around each headlamp with masking tape (painter). Wash the plastic with water and liquid dish detergent, using a soft sponge. So you will remove surface dirt and fatty deposits, among others… Dry well…

Wrap a stiff sponge (or a block) with sandpaper 500 grain water. Go over the surface of the light in horizontal movements, and in one direction, never in a circular motion or with too much pressure. Do it until the plastic car headlight look dull and uneven, and soft. Then clean with a microfiber cloth, going over areas that are not whitish, opaque and soft. When you are satisfied, just clean with a cloth dampened with clean water.

The next step for polishing the headlights of the car is wet again the plastic with water to which you’ve added a few drops of liquid dish detergent, and this time, pass sandpaper water (and wet) of 1000 grains, wrapped in around the rigid sponge to even pressure again in horizontal and non-circular movements, and making sure the lighthouse and sandpaper are always wet. Rinse with clean water, dry to perfection, and repeat with sandpaper 2000 grit.

Then apply on the dry plastic headlight polishing paste, and distributed over the entire surface with a cloth or microfiber fabric. Apply a generous layer. Already covered, review for polishing with the microfibre cloth, horizontal movements, as with sandpaper. Do it as long as possible, because the more Pula, will work best.

Rinse with water and washing up liquid, clarifying later. Dry well and alcohol gel applied with a soft cloth. Put sealant for plastic headlamps, and reviews over with a dry, soft cloth.

Finally, remove the tape, and repeat all the steps in the following plastic headlights polishing your car perfectly.

How polishing headlights with toothpaste

A fairly easy way to polish the headlights of the car is to use a sensational ingredient: the toothpaste. To achieve this, it works a lighthouse while protecting the outline with masking tape. Apply an amount of toothpaste (toothpaste, better if it is white, not gel) and, using a soft damp cloth, well, distribute it across the surface.

Rub all over your car lighthouse in small, horizontal and vertical circular motion. More toothpaste applied as needed, and keeps moist, clean cloth, rinsing it as many times as necessary. After at least 10 minutes, rinse with a clean cloth and water, and analyze the results to see if you need to repeat the procedure, or if you can and go to the other glass.

It will take some time polishing the headlights, but it’s worth seeing the result, bright and neat, as it should be.

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