How to lift a truck

how to lift a truck

How to lift a truck

Lifting a 3-inch truck with a suspension lift requires changing the front springs and shocks and installing the shocks and a block at the rear. Kits differ depending on the year and make of the vehicle. The difference is whether the year your truck uses shock extensions or the pair of struts. There will be an extreme difference in how to lift a truck.

How to lift a truck

how to lift a truck

Things You Will Need:

  • Jack floor
  • Jack stands
  • 1/2-inch air gun unit
  • Set of 1/2-inch deep well drive sockets
  • 3/8-inch drive ratchet
  • Set of 3/8-inch drive sockets
  • keyset

Elevation Front

Raise and support the front of the truck on the jack stands. Remove the front wheels using the 1/2-inch air unit from the gun and a bushing.

Remove the two screws on each of the two from the stabilizer bar that mounts where they attach to the frame. Remove the calipers holding the brake lines to the frame to give the brake lines more free play. Use the 3/8-inch drive ratchet and socket to remove the clamps.

Remove the shock absorbers by removing the upper bolt located under the hood and the lower bolt on the lower gun control section.

Push the lower control arm down and pull the spring out of your chair.

Install the new springs by inserting the upper part into the pocket first and then pushing the lower part of the spring into the saddle. Using the word cat to lift the lower control arm is enough to hold the new spring.

Place the damper through the bottom of the spring and screw in the bolts. Raise the lower control arm with the jack floor while guiding the discharge from the top of the bolt through the fender well. Screw the nut onto the top of the shock absorber and tighten.

Raise the stabilizer bar and screw the bolts into the brackets and tighten. Screw the bolt into the clamp brake line and tighten. Put the wheels on and leave the truck down.

Rear lift

Raise the rear of the truck and support it with jack stands. Place the jack floor under the left side of the axle housing and lift the housing just enough to take the stress out of the shock. Remove the shock by removing the top and bottom using 1/2-inch bolts from the air gun unit and a socket.

Remove the four nuts at the bottom of the U-bolts and remove the U-bolts from the axle housing. Lower the axle with enough jack floor to fit the wedge block between the bottom of the spring and the axle of the housing.

Line the lift pin with the hole in the axle housing and spring. Make sure the thickest part of the wedge block is facing the rear. Raise the jack floor and pinch the block between the axle housing and the spring.

Install the new (or more) of the U-bolts over the axle housing and through the bottom of the plate and screw into the nuts. Tighten the nuts evenly with the air gun.

Slide on the damper, screw in the bolts for the damper and tighten with the air gun. Do the same for the opposite side. Put the tires on and put the truck down.

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