The public got to see the New VW campers in the UK

The public got to see the New VW campers in the UK

The NEC in Birmingham has hosted the Motorhome & Caravan show, during which a wide range of new vehicles where showcased by manufacturers competing in this section of the motor industry.

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One of the vehicles that was likely to generate the most attention was the VW T6 camper van, which made it’s first appearance in the UK at the show and featured a full conversion to turn it into a self-contained living space.


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Full house

A number of different companies where revealing their own take on the new VW T6 camper, with conversions carried out to suit different customer tastes and specifications.

It is worth pointing out that many of these T6 conversions were only able to appear at the show from 13th October if they successfully arrived in the UK, as the first orders for this new range were due to be fulfilled by that September.

While modern VW camper buses are as practical and popular as ever, some will prefer the classic examples offered.. The inspirational, iconic status of this range has even inspired a new storytelling project intended to appeal to camper van enthusiasts.

One of the most comprehensively converted modern examples that was set to be displayed at the event was the modified T6 from Westfalia. It was set to sport impressive additions including an integrated toilet and shower in addition to features such as a fridge, a boiler, and flexible seating that can accommodate a number of passengers.


Event spokesperson James Bisset said that the Motorhome & Caravan Show was proud to host the first examples of the new VW T6 camper to be seen anywhere in the UK. He also pointed out that the show would be the perfect place to see all the vans side by side under the same roof.

Other attractions anticipated for the event include the re-creation of a whole caravan in Lego bricks and appearances by celebrities. In addition to being an industry event, the show was a good place for people to experience what manufacturers will have to offer in the coming months and years, regardless of whether a VW camper is within their sights.

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