Test Drive: Toyota Aygo X-Cite, interior and equipment

Toyota Aygo X-Cite

Test Drive: Toyota Aygo X-Cite, interior and equipment

Smaller cars like the Toyota AYGO we tested on this occasion have charm. Obviously you’re not going to have all the space and the boot you’d get in a big car like the Toyota Avensis Touring Sports 150D we tried last time, but in return you have a car that is maneuvered with great agility, which is ideal to lose the city by the most narrow winding streets, and also is parked with ease.

Toyota Aygo X-Cite

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And that, for those who live in big cities like me, is a luxury that is appreciated. The version we tested is the Toyota AYGO x-cite, a version with special design that is very cool and attractive. For starters, it has a unique paint color: light blue metallic x-cyan you can see in the photos, which is fresh and vibrant.

Toyota AYGO x-cite, blue and black two-tone body

This blue is combined with the roof in metallic black color, and also mirrors and alloy wheels 15 inches in black color. The X-shaped front, the tailgate (which in truth is a whole piece of glass) and of the rear bumper is also black, but they are well on all versions. I said, in this case the duality of two combined colors achieved a design that makes it special.

The Toyota AYGO is nearly 3.46 m long, 1.62 m wide, 1.46 m high and 2.34 m wheelbase. Although smaller body can be ordered with three or five doors, the rear windows are opening compass type (sprayable).

And although it is a car really contained, smaller than the size Toyota Yaris, however surprising because it is more spacious inside than you might expect to see from outside.

The front seats offer more than enough for tall adults in both height and width space, while the rear seats are snug, but are correct for a small car. The trunk has a fairly decent capacity of 168 liters bigger than in the previous Toyota AYGO, and not dispensed with the spare wheel. The rear seats fold down into two separate halves.

Leather upholstery is a luxury most enjoyable

Upon entering the car something very striking, the leather upholstery it is black with some white stitching. It’s not something you expect in a small car. The front seats have a sporty shape with integrated headrests, while the lateral shoulders are not very pronounced.

The leather is really nice and stylish, has a very nice touch and texture, plus it gives the interior a more sophisticated sweet characteristic odor and appearance. The seats are comfortable and with good lumbar support. The fixed head restraints are at the right height. Both the seat and the steering wheel are adjustable in height.

The instrument moves up and down along with the steering column and the steering wheel height to be placed is placed, never interferes picture viewing, analog speedometer, digital tachometer. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather and features controls for the audio system and hands-free phone system.

The interior is solved with hard plastic materials and correct fit aspect, in addition to black metallic trim in bright color and the color of the paintwork, special metallic blue x-cyan this release.

Stresses the color touch screen 7 inches from the top of the center console, the infotainment system, the graphical interface with color modules I found it pretty intuitive to use. Optionally this unit also equipped the GPS navigation system known as x-nav.

Toyota AYGO x-cite equipments

The Toyota AYGO is only available with a single petrol engine 69 hp. In the second part of the test we will tell you about driving and consumption of the car.

Like I said before you can opt for a body of three or five doors. If you opt for the three-door body there is only one possible level of equipment (x-play), while if you opt for the five-door body you can choose between three versions or trim levels: x-play, x- cite, x-clusiv.

The xplay version is the cheapest then versions x-cite and x-clusiv cost the same, but their equipment is not exactly the same: for example the x-cite this we tested, comes with leather upholstery, but conventional air conditioner, while the x-clusiv comes with cloth upholstery bicolor, but includes automatic climate change.

Furthermore aesthetically different combinations are duotone body color, alloy wheels and interior color accentsX-cite version as we’ve told we combine blue and black, while the x-clusive combines black and silver.

The equipment of the Toyota AYGO x-cite is very complete: ABS, ESP stability control, front, side and curtain airbags, fog lamps, daytime running lights, alloy wheels 15-inch, air conditioning, upholstery leather, onboard computer, cruise control, hill start assistant, multimedia system with touch screen, 4 speakers and hands-free telephone, video camera reverse, remote central locking, power windows, mirrors power outside mirrors and power steering, among other things.

The Toyota AYGO x-cite we tested, with manual transmission, which has everything that you have had, metallic paint, leather and GPS navigation included.

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