This delivery van is autonomous, electric and is armed in only four hours

Delivery van

This delivery van is autonomous, electric and is armed in only four hours

Everything indicates that the next decade will be very important regarding the arrival of autonomous cars on the streets, but not just talk about private cars but also for commercial purposes, just remember that makes the delivery of the first was a few days cargo of beer through an autonomous truck, is that within the commercial segment is no greater chance of getting investment due to the benefits and cost reductions.

Today during the Wired 2016 conference the company Charge has presented its new vans created specifically for delivery duties within cities, which in addition to an attractive design are electric and are ready to incorporate systems of autonomous driving, but more attractive it is that, according to the company, its design and materials make only requires a person to ride, a task that requires about four hours.

Delivery van

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Charge, the future of the ecological and functional distribution

The van based its design on a removable system with recycled materials and light, which makes it can be easily transported from one place to another and the assembly to prepare for the operation. Something that certainly sounds very attractive, however, the company has not given details of how this system works.

Furthermore, there will be versions Disel and electrical, in sizes from 3.5 to 26 tons. Denis Sverdlov, CEO of Charge, mentions that the time has come to have affordable, stylish, quiet, clean and safe delivery trucks, so they have thought of developing these new vehicles.

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Charge is currently in negotiations with logistics companies to incorporate these van into its delivery fleets, where DHL is one of the first to implement them within the UK. However, ** the first versions will require a driver **, this while the legislation for stand-alone vehicles is ready.

The company claims that their vehicles are ready to add systems autonomous driving, which once approved will be sent to each unit via an update via OTA, so you’re vans are ready to receive new features over time.

An important point is that the company has not given details or technical specifications of their vehicles, they have only dedicated themselves to talk about the benefits that will come to adopt its use. Although here we must mention that Charge is one of the official partners of the Formula E and competition Roborace, so we are not facing a company created from one day to another, so we have to be aware of future developments.

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