Toyota 86, tried a true sports an engine that roars in road and track

Toyota 86

Toyota 86, tried a true sports an engine that roars in road and track

When we said in the first part of the test of this Toyota 86 on its interior and equipment that this is a sports true we say being aware that that description in recent years has been, say, tainted. A sport is a compact with many horses, or lead paint bicolor and huge tires. The Toyota 86 takes the purest definition of sport and plasma-based simplicity and efficiency on the road.

The main features that make champion of this rating are to be seen by little we scratch its bold surface. Under the panels in bright red color of this unit we are a more than adequate engine placed front and the drive wheels on the rear axle, manual transmission, Torsen rear differential … In addition, the low center of gravity and light weight (1,314 kilos) favor a strong performance. Let’s get going!

Toyota 86

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The city Toyota 86

Now we’re inside we tiptoed on changes in the 2016 version called as the gap between the seats with lid / armrest and the dashboard in carbon simile. Outside antenna is now “fin” while major changes are in the engine to comply with the rules and slight adjustments to the suspension.

Before setting off we stop to position the mirrors, and now that we have everything in place much attention the very good visibility in all angles. Ahead it is the only angle through which we receive some uncertainty, not seeing the huge bonnet where it ends, but both windows as side mirrors and central have optimal visibility.

It highlights the very good visibility in all angles. Standing looks bigger than it is…

The dynamic body gives a misleading impression, since their actual dimensions are 4,240 x 1,775 x 1,285(length x width x height), only 90 Auris shorter than a millimeter, but wider and infinitely lower. In town we will not suffer an excessive levels, standing seems bigger than it really is.

Start the engine to blow button, begin to maneuver out of the parking lot and surprised the steering feel. We are used to beaters rotating about a finger and almost seem that this little samurai has no power steering, but we will not need arms bodybuilder.

The first movements are typical of a phase of adaptation. The accelerator reacts with joy to the insinuations right foot, but despite what might seem to us at first sound emanating from the tailpipes is not at all exaggerated, in fact expecting a little more of noisiness. In a quiet environment it behaves like a good boy and not one of those who detest roll thrusters low speed. It accommodates a quiet use and operation is smooth, without jerks or stony clutch.

Despite the strong overall feeling, the suspensions are not annoying to move around the city. It is noted that although not his favorite element, have procurator find a compromise in the set-up and be suitable for everyone. Go through bumps or ridges common in any city do not pose an ordeal.

The car lives Highway

We started looking over open terrain to see how it develops the four-cylinder boxer 2.0 and picking on each side open areas found that the elasticity of the engine is just as it looked. The range of useful revolutions for the not too demanding use is wide. We can shoot from 3,000 rpm in gear to maintain speed and have reserves to undertake recoveries.

We can shoot from 3,000 rpm in gear to maintain speed and have reserves to undertake recovery…

The chassis of Toyota 86 is able to digest kilometers runs without breaking a sweat, or rather without despeinarnos. Despite the firm suspension, low profile tires and sport seats we can raise quietly trips with guaranteed reach destination rested. Even the trunk has a more than decent capacity for a car of this type and we normally carry luggage (243 liters).

handicap did find in the autonomy. If we weigh the foot or we become a strong rhythm sections consumption will be increased significantly. With a 50-liter tank and a consumption of around 7 liters in a relaxed driving is a point to consider.

But without a doubt, the favorite hunting territory Toyota 86 are curved roads. On the twisting and winding mountain passes of asphalt it is where the qualities of this sporty little front engine and propulsion shine brightly.

The precise direction and with little assistance facilitates the flow of information between what happens under the tires and hands. We notice every imperfection of the terrain and the grip of the front tires while the gas modulates the angle of rotation.

It is impossible not miss a smile with each dive with a blank mind and carefree 6,000 and 7,500 revolutions…

Bring high-rev the engine if we find the greatest joy. And I say joy in its broadest meaning, because in addition to finding the best performance from 6,000 to 7,500 rpm, it is impossible not miss a smile with each dive with a blank mind and carefree. Without thinking about anything, because besides the time to shift gears anticipates led us into the box and three beeps.

Looking for good acceleration, especially if we are going into the mountains, we have to play a lot with the shift lever. Knowing the Japanese that is a vital point of contact, we have a short handle and very precise routes.

The good performance of the car chassis allows launching the apex of the curve unceremoniously…

Playing in second gear up and tachometer below is very hard not to enjoy. The good performance of the chassis allows the car to launch the apex of the curve unceremoniously, looking for the limit of grip of the front tires just before meeting with under steer, force behind that crosses a timely tread the right pedal.

Within circuit yes we miss a bit of mischief in the engine, you have to take very high returns to make the most of. But if you think about it, the more power is possible only outside source of more problems and are more than enough to spend an entertaining day circuit.

They say that usually when you do not notice that something works is because it is doing well. That must be the case of suspensions, the weight distribution and geometries. Even committing deliberate faults are weaknesses in the behavior for non-professional use. The body remains stable, no weight transfer, subject and everything is in place. Like our body enclosed in the sport seats.

Of course, both suspensions direction as it is a car very direct reaction. If you start to slide to the back you have to be very tactful and prepare well when recovering the grip on the rear wheels. Otherwise, the GT86 as the grip gets shot goes in the opposite direction.

And finally, I know you will have some questions, I too I have done. Could it be more powerful? Could it be more aggressive? Could I have a pint more beasts? Yes, I could, but does not need. The Toyota 86 is perfect as it is. However, In AnarchismToday we recommend you to take a test drive with Toyota Aygo X-Cite and also check interior and equipment.

The Toyota 86 Peer

Having a Toyota 86 available, if only for a few hours, is sufficient reason to increase our average happiness for a few days. A car from before, with manual transmission, naturally aspirated engine, rear-weight distribution and effective suspensions are the ingredients for a good plate of excitement and fun.

It is a car with many lights, but with some shadow as the lack of a tad more than mischief, just lacks a bit of bad milk to the motor to be a ten. Maybe not even need more power, but bad grapes. Although this sort of thing I guess they have a lot to say emissions regulations.

But no matter, because you want get defects cannot think of any case serious enough to reject an invitation to return to ride me behind the wheel of this small samurai.

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