Welcome, Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Welcome, Tesla Model 3

Early this morning, in an event officially attended more than 800 people, Tesla Motors has presented the 100% electric car 346 kilometers of autonomy electric and $ 35,000 price. These are data for the moment you leave the US market, which will be next year 2017.

This is the most ambitious bet alternative to date from which we learned for the first time mobility, three years ago, when Tesla CEO Elon Musk said they would build a new electric model would cost half that the Tesla Model S and have the same autonomy. Today Musk has begun the presentation by noting that the funding for this project was made ​​possible primarily thanks to sales of the Model S. A just and a few hours of its release, as we write these lines, the Tesla Model 3 has already exceeded 135,000 reserves and It is poised to 140,000.

Tesla Model 3

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If Tesla plans work as they say, the Model 3 is called to change the history of the automobile as we know it. Is the cornerstone that, as has been said, aims to democratize the market for electric cars and introduce mass? Not surprisingly, today has repeated that goal for Tesla, which is none other than to sell 500,000 electric units a year to release the next decade.

The battery factory Tesla is already operational

To achieve this project factorization or Tesla battery factory in Nevada seems essential. It also has spoken this morning: will produce more batteries for electric cars that the combination of other factories in the world. Without this factory Tesla Model 3 is not possible, and has said Musk, is already operational today.

Moreover, there has been no big surprises, nor have revealed great detail beyond what we knew and what we have seen. Price and autonomy output (as threaten to increase as they go through months) we must add the detail of acceleration: the Model 3 will reach 100 km / h in less than 6 seconds, which is not to impress us, apparently seen to date with Tesla, but it will be a big win for its segment. As well quipped Musk, Tesla does slow cars.

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The presentation has shown a pre-production version in which we could detect a panoramic roof, a central touch screen and instrument panel, at least, futuristic. And speaking of that word that gives identity to our publication, Musk has returned to remark that the model will open many doors to autonomous driving with its autopilot. This is not optional, but will come standard.

Free double superchargers

Almost as important as the premiere of Model 3 has been confirmed that the power will have a similar access to their former brothers to the network of superchargers, vital to the claims of Tesla. Not only that, taking advantage of the situation, Musk has set a new target for the network, which is to double the number of superchargers to reach 7,200 points when the Model 3 depress the market.

Thus begins the race to realize the Model 3, which will beat to market and in almost all subjects the rest of its competitors. We will see, once unveiled this letter, how to react other manufacturers. By making an unfair comparison, the Chevrolet Bolt, will start a year ahead, will it be enough?

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