How are water pipes kept clean?

How are water pipes kept clean?

From time to time, all water pipes need to be cleaned due to a build-up of sediment. This is a process called flushing and it will cause you little to no inconvenience. Here’s what you can expect when your water supplier cleans your water pipes.

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Water supply

With each pipe flushing that needs to be done, you can expect to see some cloudy water for a short period of time. Continue to run your water periodically until you notice that the water is clear again. Once the water is clear, it is safe to use.

The quality of the water will be monitored during each flush to ensure customers get the best water in their homes. In the event that your water doesn’t improve in appearance, it’s important to contact your water supplier.

Using copper pipe fittings

The benefits of using copper pipe fittings to keep pipes clean are extensive. Copper is versatile and durable which is why many water providers opt for copper press systems, as seen here:

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Reducing water wastage

Your water supplier must calculate the amount of water needed for a flushing beforehand. Water usage should be calculated for each pipe that is cleaned so that wastage is reduced. There are many ways you can reduce water wastage at home too. Take a look at these tips:.

Water pressure

In addition to water discolouration, you may also notice reduced water pressure during a flushing. Normal pressure will resume after a short period of time, but it may take longer than it does for clear water to return.

What to do as pipes are being cleaned

Your water supplier should inform you if a flushing is planned in your area. You may want to purchase some bottled water to keep refrigerated while the pipes are being cleaned. The best thing you can do is be patient and wait for the water to return to its clear colour. If there are any ongoing problems, be sure to report it so it can be resolved as quickly as possible by your water provider.

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