How are those who still argue that the earth is flat


How are those who still argue that the earth is flat

One of the first lessons of science is that you have to question everything. Under this simple (but fundamental) skeptical of the prevailing culture slogan there are people who have delved into some assumptions we take for granted in our daily lives. We may have given one of the most fascinating communities within the scientific relativism: there are people who argue that the earth is not round, as we are led to believe, but it is flat, as did the Romans. And they are legion.

With the intention of opening his theories to the world we wanted to look into this little culture, which has a major impact on the international scene (there are several Facebook groups containing tens of thousands of members), and we have been surprised with some of his arguments , which are quite elaborate. Here we leave some of the conclusions that defenders of this “medieval” hypotheses have arrived…


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No. 1: The “gravity” or the “inertia of gravity” does not exist

Eradicating this simple point, which explains so much of our everyday science, they justified many of the theories that have on the plain of the earth. Among his shows, he is as follows:

Gravity is based on the assumption of the third law of Newton. This states that “whenever an object exerts a force on a second object, this exerts a force of equal magnitude and direction but in the opposite of the first.” Well, this law should not be applicable in a vacuum, and yet we have images of rockets and spacecraft moving reaching the moon. Indeed, everything was staged and what moves the earth is the centrifugal force and a specific movement (but unspecified) of the earth and the sun.

If it is attributed to gravity being a force strong enough to keep the world’s oceans, buildings, people and nature attached to the surface of a spinning ball quickly … Why then not stick to the surface planes and birds or fish in the deep sea? Why can move freely?

No. 2: The earth really shows no signs of spinning

As explained here, if indeed the earth would spin at 1,600 km / h, planes and helicopters would not have to make the effort to spend tons of fuel to move. Les suffice to float above a fixed point and wait for their fate “came” to them. Likewise all the shots fired with guns long distance should adjust their shots as the kilometers by which the earth moves, but currently do not.

Do you remember the famous leap into the stratosphere of Red Bull? According to these people was a very suspicious act. Let’s review the trip jumper, Felix Baumgartner: New Mexico rose from space (or so they said) to reach the position of the jump. Then he landed dozens of kilometers east of the takeoff point. Well, if the earth really was round, it should have landed 4,000 kilometers west, in the Pacific Ocean, and it was not.

Have you ever seen a worried by the turn of the ground when landing plane? If you really constantly give such a rapid turn, landfall from the air it would be a very difficult maneuver, almost impossible, but this does not worry the pilots.

Clouds, by the way, not all the time move to the west, pushed by the alleged Earth’s rotation, but form patterns in all directions. As a final note on this point: if the earth really revolve should feel it (see, hear) somehow. Yet, we are able to detect the slightest breeze wind but not that spin at incredible speeds.

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No. 3: the suspected curvature of the earth

Forget the fact that ordinary people do not see the curvature look to infinity. There are theories stronger than that. For example, sailors centuries ago did not know at all the theory of the curvature of the earth, and although it made travel thousands of kilometers without considering it in his calculations. They availed themselves of flat and not spherical trigonometrically, making calculations assumed a land as flat, and has never posed them any problems.

Assuming the idea that the Earth was spherical, each line of latitude south of Ecuador would have to measure a circumference gradually smaller and smaller the farther south you travel. However, if the earth is an extended plane, then each line of latitude south of Ecuador should measure a circumference gradually more and larger the farther south you travel. However, some marine and Moreso (the southernmost of the planet has come) have pointed out the navigational error because of the current lines of latitude.

In addition, as affirmed builders trams long – haul or builders of the Suez Canal, to name just two examples of the many that exist, it does not take into account the curvature of the earth when planning their mega – structures. If you do not need to measure it, it is, according to these theorists, because the curvature does not really exist.


So far, we have seen scientific rebuttals to take the ball beginning of our globe, but you may need to confirm that plain better, how we ground works. These are some of the answers offered from their forums.

If the earth is, flat … why there are two places on earth where it is day and night at the same time?

First you have to understand that, contrary to what we had been told, are the sun (much smaller than they have told us, and that is about 50km from the surface of the earth) and the moon that revolve around land, which does not move. The center of the world is the North Pole (and the radial rotation is in relation to this point) and so when Japan is night in Colombia it is day. “The sun rotates from east to west, which lamp illuminates on paper are closest to your location areas, and as it moves away, as an obvious consequence, obscures the locations left behind”.

And the seasons? For as the sun’s rotation is not always identical, it causes these temporary fluctuations in climate. There would be some problems arising from this hypothesis. For example, under this premise in Ecuador it should always night outlast the day. But for the moment, there are not enough tools to make all necessary inquiries about because governments are not interested in revealing the truth.

What if we reach the limit of the plain?

The limit of the land is in the South Pole, but it is impossible to do today, at least by human means. You may know cases of expeditions that have actually reached the South Pole, but “no one has crossed the continent and has crossed Patagonia to Australia , ” but what they have known there are white southern lands.

“First you should you go kilometers of ocean, sort kilometers of icebergs to reach the white southern lands, after landing, we should go a few hundred kilometers across the plains to reach the border, where there is a large wall of ice, “said forum in Castilian Tierra Plana. The site lies beyond that wall so called point 0, and has not been achieved by any human being because it is also cordoned off by the military.

What about the atmosphere or the sky?

According to media as Enclosed World, it is a problem of misinformation. The earth, they say, is covered by a giant glass dome and undetectable from any commercial aircraft. As in the Truman Show, there is a dome that protects us from external sky. Do we protect what or whom? What put this dome being there and when? All these investigations will leave them for another delivery.

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