How to Beat Procrastination in College

How to Beat Procrastination in College

Procrastination is a serious problem. Sure, you may joke about it, but chronic procrastination can actually get in the way of your life. This is exactly why it is so important to find ways to beat procrastination and get a head start on your tasks. If you are in college, this is especially important – mostly because there is so much to do. For one thing, you don’t want to find yourself staying up all night and not getting enough sleep the next day. This can actually be ruinous for your health. Plus, it can be ruinous for your grades. Here is how to beat procrastination in college.

Make a List

Your first step to beating procrastination in college – whether you are taking a Case Western online course or any other degree program – is to make a list of what you hope to accomplish every day. You want to actually see your tasks; the more abstract your tasks are, the more you will feel like you don’t have too much to do.  Worse yet, if you rely on a ‘mental check list’ then you could very easily forget something important.  This will lead you into dangerous procrastination territory. With a simple list, your tasks will become much more real.

How to Beat Procrastination in College

Turn off your Wifi

Of course, another way to protect yourself from the destructive powers of procrastination is to turn off your Wifi. With no Wifi, you won’t be tempted to use the Internet. The more windows you have open, the more you will dive into reading articles, checking social media or chatting. If you are really having trouble, you may want to pull the modem from the wall so that you can’t even turn the Wifi on. This is especially important during a serious study session. If you get lost in an Internet vortex, you may never come out.

Go for a Run Before You Study

Another way to cut out procrastination is to go on a run. How will this help? Well, going on a run will reduce various chemicals that enhance your mood. Plus, exercise will make you much more focused. When you study, you won’t feel like veering off. Many of the times, people procrastinate because they simply can’t focus, so they find something to pass or kill the time. Most procrastination actually comes out of stress, which is why it is so important to reduce it. If you do procrastinate, your stress will get worse, which is something you certainly don’t want.

Get Plenty of Light or Sunlight

When you study, you want to open the blinds. If you are studying at night, you want to use a light. If you get enough natural or even artificial light then it will be really difficult to stay awake and alert. The darker your room is, the more you will want to take breaks, feel sluggish or even doze off. If you study at night, you may want to think about investing in UV lamps.

Study in a Designated Study Location

If you study in an area that is not intended for studying, you may get distracted. For instance, if you study in the quad, you may be dealing with a lot noises, people talking and more. In the end, you probably want to study in a private cubby at the library or in your dorm.

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