Mack Prioleau – How to Pay Your Way Through College

Mack Prioleau – How to Pay Your Way Through College

A college education, whilst not essential, is vitally important if you are planning on having a successful career. Whatever care path you choose, having a college education first and foremost can put you in the best position to get a job or at least give you something to fall back on should you wish to take a gamble on your own business idea.

The only down side with college is the cost involved but this is a necessary evil for anyone one lofty ambitions and it is a well known fact that those with a college education go on to have far more successful careers in the main. If you want to go to college then here are some of the ways in which you can pay for it.


If you have a particular talent in sports, art or academia then you could apply to be accepted at a college on a scholarship. A scholarship is where the university or a private individual pays for your entire college education based on the skills which you possess. You must be able to compete to a high level if you are to gain a scholarship, whichever discipline you are aiming for. If however, you consider yourself as the next Jackson Pollock or you can play football to the level of Mack Prioleau then you could be in line for a free education.


Grants are given out to those who come from families of financial hardship and they do not need to be repaid. You must apply for a grant with your chosen university and be able to prove your situation. As you can imagine, there are many applicants for a grant each year and there is no guarantee that you will be able to get one.

Student Loans

A student loan is the favored option of over 80% of students in the United States and it does need to be paid back after you have finished your education. There is some flexibility with these loans however and the terms are very favorable. You will not begin to pay back your loan until you are in full time work and earning above the minimum wage, once you are, repayments will be taken directly from your bank account each month until the loan is paid back. The student loans company will take a small percentage of your pay each month and whilst you will owe a lot, they will never take a large sum from you unless you volunteer it.


Working while studying is not always recommended as it will take time away from your studies, with that being said if you can organize your time well then you could pay your way through college off the back of your salary. There are many students who work online for example as a way of supplementing their studies, an online position means that you can be your own boss and work whenever you want.

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