13 official animated short films or projects in anime based on video games


13 official animated short films or projects in anime based on video games

The so recognizable Japanese style of animation suits practically everything. In particular, video games, regardless of their theme, aesthetics or the audience they are aimed at.

For years, small and large studios have opted for Japanese animated productions (or similar) when it comes to shaping short films, commercials, special events, celebrations and even taking their stories beyond their own games.

A legacy too interesting to ignore.

For this reason, we have prepared a very special compilation: we have selected no less than thirteen animated projects in the key of anime that have been officially prepared for all kinds of purposes and one element in common: they are all linked or based on a videogame.

As an additional detail, we have not wanted to include animated feature films such as the highly celebrated film Street Fighter II The Movie, nor have we taken into account animated productions with a crossmedia character such as Persona 4 or long-running series such as Digimon, Yo-Kai Watch or Inazuma Eleven.

Now, these are animated projects with a touch of anime, inspired by the aesthetics of the famous Japanese animation, which means that …

  • You will see some other production developed outside of Japan
  • CGI animations are discarded, unless they have a marked anime aesthetic
  • And, above all, it must be about productions made by direct order or under the supervision of the creators of the video game.

Dimensions necessary to make the list more interesting. Which does not mean that you are going to find surprises. Without further ado: 13 official anime anime-inspired video game projects

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

A year before the launch of Bayonetta 2 on Wii U, SEGA and PlatinumGames commissioned the Gonzo studio to adapt the first installment with various licenses. A 90-minute project that even made it to Japanese movie theaters.

Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV

The deployment to promote Final Fantasy XV by Square Enix is unprecedented. In addition to all kinds of collaborations, events, derivative games and even a CGI feature film, a web series was produced.

Diablo III: Wrath

On the occasion of the launch of Diablo III , Blizzard commissioned Peter Chung and the studio Titmous with an almost seven-minute-long animated short that would showcase in all its glory the battle between angels and demons. The result speaks for itself.

Pokemon generations

Nintendo threw the house out of the window during the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, being Pokémon Generations that perfect review of the entire saga in the form of webseries during the boom that experienced yellow fever in 2016.

Halo Legends

Following in the wake of Animatrix, Microsoft brought together the finest in Japanese animation – including Production IG, Studio 4 ° C or Toei Animation – to develop seven short films inspired by the Halo universe.

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost

BioWare, FUNimation and Production IG studio partnered to adapt a new story – signed by Henry Gilroy from Star Wars: The Clone Wars – to precede the events of Mass Effect 3.

Netflix: Castlevania, the animated series

In 2013 Konami and Koji Igarashi himself supervised the script (they even had it rewritten several times) that would adapt Castlevania III to the small screen. The result? For now, the fourth season is already in production.

Overwatch: The Origins of Doomfist

Blizzard has us accustomed to its spectacular CGI animations, but for the presentation of the highly anticipated Doomfist it did something really unexpected: an animated short of Overwatch in the key of Anime that shows that Tracer, Genji or Winston also look scandalous in 2D.

Pokémon: Wings of Twilight

Following in the wake of Pokémon Generations, Game Freak allows us to delve deeper into the exotic Galar through different animated episodes, with the most prominent personalities from Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield as protagonists.

Sonic Mania Adventures

Heavily inspired by the opening of Sonic CD and the OVA that accompanied the Mega Drive installments, Sonic Mania Adventures consists of five episodes of pure fan service for fans of the fastest hedgehog in history.

Star Fox Zero: The Combat Begins

In order to wrap up the release of Star Fox Zero, Nintendo produced an animated short that, while not making use of artisanal drawing techniques, exudes an unmistakable touch of Made in Japan.

Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind

Capcom wanted the return of its World Warriors to be more than nostalgia after a span of almost a decade and produced a special OVA for Street Fighter IV collector’s editions where, by the way, part of the loose ends are tied between Street Fighter II.

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS / Wii U: Goddess of Light

When it was announced that Palutena was joining Super Smash Bros. as a fighter we were left with our mouths open: Nintendo prepared an animated trailer that recreated a complete battle between Link from The Legend of Zelda and Pit from Kid Icarus.

Extra Ball: the Mario Kart 64 TV Spot

Although it is inevitable that we are left with a host of creations and projects in the pipeline (you can always expand the list through the comments), we wanted to close the review with something special: nothing less than the animated spot with which Nintendo advertised Mario Kart 64 on Japanese television.

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