Choosing a wine at a professional meeting

How to choose a wine

Choosing a wine at a professional meeting

No need to become a wine sommelier to choose a professional meeting, however, is frowned offer a drink according to the situation. In this article we tell you how to choose.

Choosing a wine at a professional meeting

The rule is very simple: if you want to choose a wine for a professional meeting you should take into account the importance of the event. If you are about to close a contract with a major customer, if you get a partner that will provide a good amount of money to your business, or if you just created a company by a group of investors … deserves a celebration!

How to choose a wine

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Many people wonder what wine to choose for an event that can change those professional lives. If we go to a specialty shop we will be amazed how many options we have to choose. Some make the mistake of buying as the price of the bottle, and although this technique can get by, sometimes the quality of the wine is not related to its value.

The choice of wine for a special occasion can be tricky if you have no idea alcohol or do not drinks often, but in a wine or local beverage sales will tell you which are the most suitable, not only for work meeting, but also for a personal event.

Types of wine for a special occasion

There will always be someone willing to help. To begin, it is good to know that there are various types of beverages that cater to a very important meeting or event. These are:

Champagne: It is used to celebrate closing a deal or to commemorate an event. If you know you have a new customer, partner or investor, do not hesitate to buy a bottle. This drink has elegance, seriousness and the perfect amount of bubbles to celebrate. Once the bottle is opened, it must be completely consuming because, according to belief, I presages bad luck leave unfinished. If you want a dry variety to provide select Brut Nature.

Porto: It is produced in Portugal, more precisely in the northern provinces of the Douro Valley. It is a sweet and aromatic red wine accompanied with desserts. Once it can be left open for several months and consume a measure in the evenings. Improves with age and there to finish it all at once. It can be an excellent choice if you invite someone to eat your home, and by the time dessert or coffee when still no news business door.

Burgundy wine: Bordeaux can also be (another French region devoted to wine production).Countries recognized as offering good wines of this type are Argentina, Italy, USA and Chile. For a special occasion, consider buying a large bottle of Burgundy that occurs in more traditional ways and age more slowly. If you’re going to give it as a present, it better be 750 ml rather than 1.5 liters.

Personalized Wine Gift: Instead of choosing a wine for a professional meeting, you can have a selection of bottles with a label with the logo of your company and offer gift to potential customers, investors and partners. If you have an important event, you can take it as a souvenir; will be very original! The contents of the bottle should be of good quality, because although not all of they prove who should enjoy it if they do.

Vintage wine for a professional meeting: This type of wine for a meal or very, very important event, such as closing a contract much money or your anniversary married. Then it would be good to invest in a bottle of 5-10 years old or aging. Have a higher price, but that is not an impediment … It is also a special occasion! The wines matured in oak barrels are known worldwide for their high quality and taste of spices or fruits.

Choosing a wine at a restaurant during a working meeting

The above tips were designed above all if we are to organize an event at home or for a gift. But … what if we go to a restaurant? Pay attention to the following tips:

Do not take the easy way: The varieties that everyone knows are Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. No choice also because he has heard or drunk once, chances are the person you know to accompany dinner prices. While they are wines for every palate might not serve to impress someone (unless you really do not have a shred of knowledge about wine).

When choosing wine in a restaurant, take risks: As occurs in the business world, do not be afraid to choose the unknown. Do not choose a drink made ​​in regions like Burgundy or Mendoza, prefer an Italian Pinot Grigio, a German Rieslings, an African wine or a Spanish tempranillo … pleasantly surprise you! If none of the guests has tried before, they could talk about it over dinner and relax a bit.

Ask for help: The waiters are to advice on the world of wine. You do not have to know!. For that person to know what your price range, place the card in front of him and pointing discreetly value. Tell him you’re looking for something in that style and he will understand. It is preferable to do this to you choose at random and do not be a pleasant surprise. Perhaps it would be good to ask for the so-called “house wine” or consult your companions if they have tried one in particular. If no one has done, it will be a good experience.

Now you know how to choose a wine for a professional meeting. Take advantage of these tips!

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