Code Geass Season 3: Information and Release Date!

Code Geass Season 3

Code Geass Season 3: Information and Release Date!

Hello my dear anime lovers! How are you? I believe well, am I right? In this blog, I will give you some information that already came out about the Code Geass Season 3 as Lelouch was coming back. Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

The wait for Code Geass Season 3 is really long. With the second season formally known as Rebellion R2’s Code Geass: Lelouch ending in September 2008, fans have had to endure a decade of waiting to this day.

But as they say, all things come to those who wait. Although there is no Code Geass Season 3 announced at the moment, the good thing is that there is already confirmation that the third season is already underway. What’s even more exciting is that some details have already been revealed, giving fans a glimpse of what the upcoming season could offer.

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Code Geass Season 3

Code Code Geass Season 3 Title

Fans of Ichirōkouchi’s anime a few years ago that a third season will arrive soon. Fortunately, the team has already dropped the Code Geass Season 3 title, which would undoubtedly give fans an indescribable feeling that after a decade of waiting, the show will finally come out. The revelation was made through the Twitter account of the series, according to ComicBook. The third season will actually carry the Resurrection subtitle, making its full Code Geass: Lelouch Resurrection title.

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In addition, ComicBook also revealed some of the plot of the next anime series. The next season of Code Geass 3 will be a few years after the end of season two. However, fans are wondering how producers can achieve this. The reason for the confusion is that the main character Lelouch actually died in the end, or at least he seemed to have died in that episode.

One clue as to how they might explain Lelouch’s death may have something to do with the very subtitle of Code Geass’s third season, which is the resurrection. A team with details even confirmed that it would be the real Lelouch who would return in season three and not some imposter. In addition, the same person confirmed that this will not be done via time travel or dimension leap. Given all these conditions, it seems that reviving Lelouch is the only thing that fits the bill.

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Code Geass: Rebellion Lelouch – Imperial Way

Meanwhile, fans may want to watch the latest movie in the trilogy, which is a remake / rereading of the 50 episodes of the previous two seasons of the anime series. The latest movie is titled Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion – Imperial Way hope to  be released next May 26th. The movie will also contain scenes and material never before shown, as well as a remake of previous seasons.

Fan can also follow the first Code Geass: Rebellion Lelouch – The Awakening Path, released in Japan on October 21, 2017, as well as the second trilogy remake titled Code Geass: The Rebellion Lelouch, which released in Japan on February 10, 2018. The trilogy license has already been acquired by Funimation for the company to handle future distribution in the North American market. Stay tuned for the latest Code Geass Season 3 news and updates.

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